Wednesday, August 31, 2005

No Words.

Been out of town on business and can't believe the story unfolding.

This is not America. This is not a President.

I had the good fortune to not only visit New Orleans for the first time, but spend some time in the French Quarter in March of this year. I wondered, at the time, what might have happened if NOLA had not dodged the bullet last summer when Ivan rolled through.

There is simply no way that the supplies mentioned by Bush in today's announcement, are going to even make a dent in even New Orleans, let alone the entire Gulf coastline from New Orleans to Pensacola.

144 generators? Come on.

The "Speaker's" site links visitors to the site that tells people what to do to help and what to do if you're a vicitm.

All partisanship aside, you know, that may quite possibly be the stupidest fucking thing I have ever seen. "What to do if you're a victim," posted online, for people in a large portion of the Gulf coastline where there's no power, no internet, no cell phone long distance service.

You know, I think if I were the President or the Speaker, I would have been shown on TV Monday morning or afternoon, taking a break from my "vacation" (read: campaigning) to be seen in a sweaty shirt, telling people we're on the job.

By Monday night I would have had people broadcasting on ham radio, cell phone text messages from providers, TV, Radio, shortwave, and on the fucking megaphones of hovering helicopters, the following message: "Don't Despair. Help is On The Way." And then I would have put a ready plan in place.

Instead, these motherfuckers answer the call two days later.

Good God. There are no words to describe how angry this makes me.

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