Thursday, September 01, 2005

What Is It With This Guy??

Er, the really fat one on the right, that is.

Haley Barbour is not only a liar, he's a fucking idiot. And he can't read numbers. And he doesn't know that a category 5 storm is classified such by its wind force (155mph and up) and sea swells 18 feet or more above normal. He also pronounces "Saturday" as SAD-Dur-dee.

You have to say that slow, like you have a mouthful of bullshit to sound like Haley Barbour. I suspect you have to say everything slow for Haley (as Larry King calls him), too.

He told King tonight (as if that means anything at all, but he is on the record once he does so) that he "had no idea, even Sunday, that this would be a category five hurricane."

Back to the NOAA charts again, fat boy. While you were plugging your hole with fried pork fat and gravy, THE FEDERAL AGENCY ASSIGNED TO ADVISE THE AMERICAN PUBLIC ABOUT W-E-A-T-H-E-R had this on the charts. And on SAD-Dur-dee, it was classified as just a pissy little F3 all day. What a bunch of over-reaching pussies. To expect a gigantic, collossal fucking nightmare to grow from a pissy little F3 to an F5 in a day. Jesus.

Enough with Haley Barbour!

Now I haven't had time to write about how Hastert should be giving sons, Ethan (a brand new lawyer! being encouraged by his father to go into politics) and Josh (a lobbyist, after being sent to Podesta-Mattoon by his father) to the war effort.

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