Thursday, September 01, 2005

Speaker Mumblephuck: "Screw New Orleans"

After reading this, my portable blood pressure machine nearly burst.

Asked in an interview with the Daily Herald, a suburban Chicago paper, whether it makes sense to spend billions rebuilding a city that lies below sea level, a reference to New Orleans, Hastert replied, ``I don't know. That doesn't make sense to me.''

He added it was a question ``that certainly we should ask. And, you know, it looks like a lot of that place could be bulldozed.''

I need drugs, and a nap after reading this.

The venerable Times-Picayune, which abandoned its facility and has been publishing only on the web since Tuesday, has a better story.
Forget what I said about coming back to work.

You're fired, Asshole.


PoppieProng said...

odd. i was under the impression that chicago was built on a swamp. and that they reversed the flow of the river to deal with that.

houston is built on a swamp, too.

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