Friday, September 02, 2005

Oops! Stepped on Your Dick Again!

The Odorous J. Dennis is missing today. Don't worry. This isn't a plug about the phoney knee injury that he used to skip out of Viet Nam. He's really not AWOL or even MIA.

Now, why the hell a guy has to go to Indiana to campaign for a Republican -- over taking a leadership role in a time of national crisis -- is beyond me.

If this fat sonofabitch had an ounce of shame, he would apologize and resign.

Doubt that's going to happen. He's made it clear there's no apology coming for the "bulldoze New Orleans" statement from Wednesday.

Note to Mumbler's Mouthpieces: clarification does not equal apology.

And start looking for honest work.


Samurai Sam said...

Nice to him to speculate yesterday about whether or not New Orleans should be re-built or not. I'm sure that sounded great to the thousands of refugees fleeing the area. What a fat tool Hastert is!

anyonebutdenny said...

Does it suprise you that he was MIA from DC? I bet he raised more money for Mark Souder (R-IN) than he raised for Katrina - after all, that was his original purpose for going to Indiana instead of DC.

The man is a disgrace - if he truly were a leader, he would have gone to DC and even to New Orleans.

This is nothing less than shameful!