Friday, September 02, 2005

Dr. Death, Puppy Dog

One thing was good to see today on the clip of King George talking at the cameras before he left for the Gulf Coast. "Mike" Chertoff (Dr. Death to you and me) following the King like a little puppy.

What would be better? Fire that sonofabitch for his utter incompetence, and his lying about the "magnificent" efforts played out thusfar. While you're at it, King George, fire that ass-kisser Mike Brown, too.

Who thought it was a good idea to have a career political appointee - lawyer running Homeland Security (which basically controls half the government resources now)? Who thought the same resume was good for running FEMA?

Jesus. If this was Chicago, it would surely look like the end of the world. You'd be talking about millions dead.

These sons of bitches have had Four Years to make such a large-scale rescue, quick response work.

What an utter failure of leadership.

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