Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hastert Speaks Out About Cunningham.

Here is the sound file of Hastert's comments today regarding the resignation of Randy Cunningham (R-Shame) (QuickTime required).

For the Speaker of the House to act as though he's, uh, "out of the loop" and say nothing about this, actually says a lot about what's going on in Washington today.

Cunningham was, after all, hand-picked by J. Dennis Hastert for a spot on the Permanent Select Committe on Intelligence.

You'd think Hastert would want to explain why he replaced seniority and experience with cronyism as the qualification for committee appointments.

Instead of explaining his boss's apparent disappearance at a critical time, Ron Bonjean today used his latest tool, "The Speaker's Journal," to post a link to the Washington Times story about Hastert's request to the President to change the name of the White House "Holiday Tree" back to the more familiar "Christmas Tree."

Incredible. But then again, Bonjean is the guy who served Trent Lott so well after the former Senate Majority Leader's comments supporting Strom Thurmond "back in the old days."

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