Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Exclusive: Hastert Gets Cold Shoulder.

At Home.

That's right. Insiders tell me that Mrs. Speaker has had it with the "one year" job J. Dennis told her he was committed to in 1998. One year was followed by one more year...

Then one more year. Then another.

Finally, Jean Hastert has made her agenda her own when J. Dennis comes home for the weekend. When he's home, she's busy.

"It's gotten so bad," one tells me, "that I doubt they even (brush elbows) anymore."

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Kankakee Voice said...

It seems, with all the bad news for thes right wing nut Republicans like Hastert, Weller, etc. that there are suddenly rumors a float all over about problems - personal, health, financial, every kind of reason you can think of - for these guys to use to not run again. I think it's a face saving measure. (Though were I Hastert's wife, I wouldn't want him too close to me unless he lost weight, he might CRUSH me accidently.)