Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bush-Hastert's Broken Record.

How many fucking times do we have to listen to the same speech? Over and over again, we are told about a "major new strategy," or a "major speech on the war on terra," and then the president is given free live coverage for the length of his campaign stop.

What is new? I keep waiting for the feed from to ring up the alarms that Hastert is "hailing" something else now... Remember how he "hailed" those "impressive" job figures in October (...that were 100,000 short of scratch)? And never mind that less than half of those jobs don't suck.

Great quote just came over the wire from Bush's speech:
    ``They're helping to turn the tide in the struggle in freedom's
    favor,'' the president said.
What about "tightenin' the net?"

"We got a shdradigee fer victeree."


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