Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Dumbing It Down On Talk Shows.

I watched about two minutes of Larry King last night, deeply offended that both the show thinks it in our best interest to bring public policy discussion to a celebrity gab fest, and that the Bush administration is dumbing down torture and spying by having Attorney General Electrocuto Gonzales make the talk show rounds.

It's bad enough that broadcast executives give credence to morning show "beauties" like Paul Zahn and Debra Norville and give them prime-time slots.

Conversely, I was a real Charlie Gibson fan (he was once a very able, tough interviewer in the early Nightline days) until about a year into his stint on GMA. Now I think he's worse than David (Duh) Hartman ever was.

What next, Oprah doing a tough, question-answer coffee club talk with Cheney?

Where are the I.F. Stones? The Jack Andersons? The Sy Hershes?

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