Monday, January 16, 2006

Hard News To Swallow: More Petitions Challenged.

All challenged by a faction of "Progressives" in Kendall County. All the challenged petitions were candidates -- 11 in all -- for committeeman posts in precincts where the faction had its own candidates. I spoke with one of the people challenged, who said the notice of the hearing was delivered by a Kendall County Sheriff's deputy.

That's chickenshit, and the blame goes to the challengers, who chose to make themselves look like, well, assholes. Certified mail is also accepted.

What's more, people were given less than 48 hours notice in some cases, that they had to attend or forfeit their petition. Nearly all the petitions were forfeited because people didn't have adequate notice to attend and challenge their challengers, my source tells me.

In once case, a petitioner whose petition was cited for failure to include a disclosure form, was rebuffed by the chairman of the elections board after he claimed he was told at the time of filing that all of his papers were in order. That seems to be counter to Illinois Compiled Statutes.

Guess that's another way to keep the one-party rule in Kendall.

I should receive a fax of one of the official notices later today that might shed some light on all of this.

The story was in last week's Oswego Ledger-Sentinel, and will be posted today or tomorrow.

Here is more from the Ledger-Sentinel from the 2004 creation of the Progressive Council.

I don't know what you think, but I think this stinks. One of the petition challengers is a current officer of the regular Kendall County Democratic party. That's bullshit.

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Kankakee Voice said...

First Liberal was turned into a dirty word by the republicans, now MSD's are co-opting the word Progressive. It's absolute BULLSHIT!