Thursday, January 19, 2006

Master Hastert's Conundrum.

Gosh! Running a plantation is hard work. That's a theme with Republicans when they control your government ("Hey! This is hard work! Just wait!")

Plantation Boss Hastert has handed yet another bit of hard work yesterday, as Democrats staged their opening assault with a series of brilliantly-dubbed measures to curtail the influence of some 37,000 lobbyists whose job it is to influence Congress.

The first, the "Tony Rudy Rule," would have Congressional staffers wait two years after leaving a government position before they can join a lobbying firm. That's a good start.

The problem Master Hastert has, however, is not so much the Democrats. It's the fact that he's been trumped yet again on a major issue that is singing to voters at the moment. And right out of the gate, his horse fell flat on its face.

Republicans, even the ones Hastert has surrounded himself with on the veranda, can't agree on what reforms are OK and which are not.

By the way, nobody tops the "Ralph Reed Reform" (meant to provide transparency in government and allow the public to see exactly what their reps are doing in Washington). That ought to put an end to that smarmy little bastard's career.

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