Monday, January 16, 2006

Making Me Sick.

I sure hope I don't have to spend the next couple of weeks ragging about dirty Democratic politics, but it's beginning to look pretty ugly and dirty this year.

Now it's looking like the name of the person who filed the objection to Zamora's petitions did not request the copies of them in the first place, that they were requested by someone else, possibly under an assumed or name that differs with voting records.

Here's the story on the rejected petitions in Kendall County. Once again, the Kendall County Record, Plano Record, Oswego Ledger-Sentinel is the only paper with the story. They do a pretty good job of it.

Over at the Soapblox, Clint Raulsten of John Laesch's campaign does a pretty good job of imitating the killer in a Columbo episode. "I didn't do it, but I have lots of details and theories, and we have the next steps planned."

There are a couple of remarkable things going on here. Feeley is the name of the man who objected to at least one of the petitions in Kendall. Bridget "Feeley," not Bridget "Stencel" is living at the address of the person who requested copies of Ruben Zamora's petitions for review. Mr. Stupec, who is listed as the person who filed the objection to the petitions, supposedly told the Laesch campaign after filing his objection he thinks a challenge in the primary would be a bad thing.


I can already see a lot of people sitting this November out if this candyass stuff isn't sorted out right now.

Who's behind this? Or could it be these guys?

Gee. I just don't know.

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