Monday, October 02, 2006

Ooo, Baby, It's A Wild World.

While disgraced former congressman Mark Foley was hoping today that someone -- anyone -- would buy the alcoholic excuse for asking 16 year-old boys to measure their penises, Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert was stepping on his.

Hastert's letter to the FBI asking for an investigation into Foley's alleged predatory practices focuses on a specific request to investigate those outside his leadership circle, in particular members of the press.


Will Lashy Boy capitalize on this? Hard telling. Laesch appeared on the Big Ed Schultz Show today, but still sounded like a pisher.

Of course, Hastert's inner circle went with the FBI investigation so they could claim during the final weeks of the mid-term election that they can't comment on a matter under investigation.

So tripped up is Hastert that he has told numerous (nearly unintelligible) stories at this point.


Pheidippides said...

I agree that John needs to be more aggressive with this recent scandal. If there was ever an opportunity for big news coverage, this is it.

Here is an opportunity to be on all the major networks. I hope that his campaign understands that this is an underdog candidate's wet dream.

Anonymous said...

Leasch IS the campaign. He has no manager. No one with any worthwile experience would take him on.

Still it makes me mad to think that this pussy will probably walk into congress because of this. I can't stand Laesch. He's a lieing mother fucker. He's as bad a Hastert is.

Laesch is really full of shit. He's a professional CON MAN. I encourage everyone to write in a candidate rather than voting for laesch. He's a smoker and a joker. A real Clown.

Anonymous said...

No worries people JDL will rise to the challenge and fuck this up.

Political Insider said...

The worst thing for John's campaign is for JDL to open his mouth. Everytime the moron speaks he looses support. A class act could use this to overcome enourmous financial imballance, but JDL will spend the next 5 weeks slamming JDH and cause his supporters to work even harder to save the "coach" (creepy just saying that!).

If the kid were to just play it cool and not act like a spastic puppy he could get very close. That being said, I have no doubt that he still has no chance of winning.

Anonymous said...

to bad there`s a lot of people out there in ciberworld that think john is the answer...just think if we had another canidate right now...i don`t know any of the other dems from the eastern counties but i do know rubin sure would be a good canidate right now...the only thing we can hope for is the dems taking the house...

Anonymous said...

If Rahm was smart he'd be sending money, experts and supplies to Laesch and Stover immediately.

Bridget said...

That will never happen. All the money and resources were earmarked months ago.

I don't know anything about Stover, but I can tell you right now that Rahm won't be sending anything Laesch's way. For that to make a difference it would have to be at least 2 million in media buys. The Chicago market is quite expensive and that's the kind of buy that could swing the election. Add to that the cost of printing and mailings, a field operation, and other incidentals and the price is far too high.

It would only make sense to drop a TON of cash into the race and even that would be risky. All or nothing, know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

Rubin? Rubin isn't a good candidate. Rubin is... a nice guy but he's turdish nurdish. I'm sorry - Americans want nerds building their computers, teaching their children, discovering new galaxies etc., not runnig for office. Dweebs like
Rubin rarely get elected and usually are easily pushed out of the way.

A Rubin did get pushed out of the way by a weakling like Laesch.

Sorry Rubin.

steve lepard said...

Been reading the posts here and think this is a bunch of bullshit. I have personally been attacked by the progressive rank and file. Lead by that Bridget Dooley. Once again my point has been proven this girl is a smart ass who wouldn't know what the truth is if it came up and bit her on her ass. Tom Brophy speaks the truth for the average working person {man} We became fast friends after one of John's events. We talked for about half hour about the changes we felt needed to be made. As a fellow veteran and labor person Tom spoke the truth when he said the working person{man} needed to rise up and reclaim our place in America. For far to long people like us have been bending to the will of the liberal faction. I love this country to much to stand by and let the likes of Dennis Hasert and his society eleists take charge anymore. I will not stand by and let the progressive minority take control of the working person's party. When Tom told me we had a young man who could go the distance I really do not understand until now. If we are going to win this election my friend Tom is right we all must work together to ensure that the collective common voice is heard and understood. Our veterans need help, the working person needs help and it is time for what Tom calls the working persons revolt to happen. By standing against Wall Street and returning power to main street ; the streets will be safer for people like us.

Anonymous said...

Through the course of this election season we have been treated to all sorts of antics by the that little lying prick John Laesch. Through his efforts he has destroyed the democratic base. Compromised fellow candiates running for office. Lied about where he lives. Has not made one argument why you should vote for him over his republican counter part. Now we have this posted on his webite with these social retards telling him what a great job he is doing.
"Hands on Hastert" is "hands off Foley"
Submitted by john on Mon, 10/02/2006 - 9:16pm.
Dennis Hastert is known as a "hands-on" guy in Washington D.C. and he has proven to be a very "hands-on" campaigner.

Several weeks ago, Dennis Hastert drove by our small office that is located on a dead-end street. I was standing outside, taking a break from fundraising calls when a red pick-up truck and a black SUV drove by the office.

I hopped into my Jeep and followed the entourage all the way to Denny's next stop, a hot dog stand. The Speaker rolled out and strolled across the park and probably bought himself a hot dog.

My point here is that Dennis Hastert is a pretty hands-on guy who is playing a very Reaganesque, "I forgot what happened" role.

Hastert was very hands-off during the Abramoff indictment.

I think that this is important because Hastert is clearly lying through his teeth on TV. He does not even look at the camera. He looks down and he looks guilty - he should because he is equally responsible for this mess.

Below the fold are some more examples of Hastert being a "hands-on" leader.
I went to Dennis Hastert's book, Speaker, for some more research.

Does Dennis Hastert know what is going on in the halls of power?

According to page 186 of Speaker, Dennis Hastert has a very low ear to the ground.

"Reading is not my strong point... I'm not comfortable with computers... I need to be focused on what's going on in the room and who's saying what to whom. I base most of my knowledge on listenting to people. I get a lot of briefings and have good people working for me. Some say I have an incredible memory or recall for exactly what happened when and who said what to whom. I do listen pretty diligently, more than a lot of people listen, and I do pick up on facts that way."

This is a completely different Dennis Hastert than the one who can't remember if he knew about Foley or if his staff knew about Foley and how much he knew about it.

Well, how does Hastert handle these little problems?

According to page 226 of Speaker, Dennis Hastert takes a "hands-off" approach when curbing the lusts of Washington.

"And when we find some guy spending too much time socializing every night, we have our own way of saying, 'you'd better straighten up or you'll get in trouble.' The message doesn't have to come from me. But you want to get a message out that says something like, 'Being out in the bars every night is probably not the best thing for you to be doing.'"

So Denny Hastert has a way of sending someone like John Shimkus to do his dirty work. Of course 11-months ago Hastert felt that a slap on the wrist would solve his "Foley problem." Now of course the full weight of the justice system is the right prescription for Foley. It is amazing how the punishment is magnified as the election year gets closer.

Is Dennis Hastert responsible for what happened in his house?

According to page 235 of Speaker, Dennis Hastert felt that he was responsible for kids working in the Capital during the Anthrax scare - I agree.

"So we shut down the House. When we did that, we also stopped our mail delivery, which came through the Gerald R. Ford Building. We said, 'We have kids opening that mail.' I'm responsible for the people who work in these buildings on Capitol Hill, so I decided we were better off shutting down and sending everyone home."

Are there other examples of the "hands on Hastert?"

A local blogger pointed out that lobbyists loved Hastert's hands on approach.

"Speaker Hastert has built up a great deal of goodwill and has a reputation among the business community as a get-it-done guy," said Scott Hatch, executive director of the National Republican Congressional Committee. "From health care to financial services modernization, the business community likes Hastert because he's a hands-on kind of guy."

Then we should probably go back to that time when Denny Hastert first stopped by one of our campaign events. Why would the most powerful Congressman in America stop by a Saturday canvass being hosted by a 32-year old Navy Veteran? The only answer - he is a "hands-on" guy.

Some people have said that I was a little hasty in my call for Hastert to resign. Those people have not been receiving e-mails and phone calls from grown adults who were also abused in their childhood. I used to date a girl who was sexually abused while she was still a minor. Even her parents did not know about the situation because the abuser was a family friend. These people suffer in silence and it is wrong. Mr. Hastert remained silent. He didn't investigate Mark Foley's e-mails. He looked the other way. There are hundreds of people suffering in silence. How many of Foley's other victims will remain silent because Denny Hastert would not investigate the situation? As your next Congressman from Illinois' 14th District, I refuse to stand by in silence - Mr. Speaker it is time to resign.


John Laesch

» john's blog

Hastert is lying, for sure.
Submitted by Zee (not verified) on Tue, 10/03/2006 - 12:36pm.
Thank you for this post, John, and good luck to your campaign.

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Thanks for your clarity and sanity
Submitted by Kryten42 (not verified) on Tue, 10/03/2006 - 12:55pm.
Hello John,

I am a blogger and I comment on various blogs (such as FDL). I no longer live in the USA, but my lady love and her family live in Chicago (for now anyway).

I enjoyed the blog with you that Jane published at FDL and I an impressed. I am also a Veteran, and was involved in various forms of security and intelligence.

The fact that Hastert was a teacher means that he really has no excuse and cannot say he didn't think or know what Foley was doing was immoral at the least. The fact that he has excluded all Democrats in the Whitehouse, and some Republicans, tells me he had something to hide. That alone means he should go. But I wonder... What else is he covering up?

Iraq was one of the biggest mistakes the USA has ever made. I hope you and several Democratic representatives dislodge the GOP hold on the Whitehouse for one primarily critical reason. George W. Bush wants a war with Iran. The problems with Iraq and Afghanistan will pale into insignificance if he is allowed to pursue this goal.

Of course, there are many other reasons. The corruption (moral, political, financial and ethical) must be stopped. I believe that Foley and Hastert are the tip of an iceberg. There have been too many strange happening at the WH over the past 6 years, that when taken in isolation are not as bad as when looked at in light of all the scandals as a whole. Remember Jeff Gannon/Guckert? Perhaps *Foleygate* may help answer the questions of why a gay prostitute masquerading as a journalist had such unfettered access to the current Administration.

Then there is the outing of a very valuable (to the USA) undercover CIA agent, Valerie Plame. I have no doubts that a major reason the administration wanted her gone was because she knew the truth about Iraq,the supposed embarrassment caused to her husband, Ambassador Joseph Wilson, was just a bonus for them. I also believe this is tied into the sacking of FBI translator, Sibel Edmonds.

Lukery (of the blog: Wot Is It Good 4) has created a blog with a lot of info about Ms. Edmonds, here:

I have always believed, where there is smoke, there *IS* a fire! :)

Sorry to wander off topic there, though I do believe it’s all interrelated. :) I am sure that you found during your career in Intelligence that events at this level rarely happen in isolation. :)

I wish you all the best! America (and the World) could do with a lot more sane, thoughtful and sensible people such as yourself in Politics. I hope you can resist the corrupting influence over the coming years.

Cheers! :)

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letters to editors - one point of view
Submitted by arlene on Tue, 10/03/2006 - 2:19pm.
It seems to me that the current Republican scandal is a wake-up call for all of us to write letters to the editors of our local newspapers--even if we live out of district! There will be people who want to help fund a decent human being for Congress, even if they cannot vote for him directly.

And there are many good, kind people, who were 'raised Republican' and never really thought about what it meant. Someone sold them a bill of goods that their party is more 'moral,' and it's just not true.

As these good people realize what is really going on, they want to turn around and do the right thing without feeling like fools. I think they need support to open their minds to a remarkable Democrat--John Laesch--who stands ready to serve in Congress on their behalf. This kind of turnaround happens in person every day when John is out meeting the people.

This may sound strange to political sophisticates, but many good people somehow endorsed this reckless, cruel war in Iraq because their leaders told them to. Deep down was their inner conscience whispering: No, it's not right.

Many of these folks would like to turn around and join their politics to their human kindness, but they have been so propagandized they sort of forgot how.

I think these folks need some emotional support to turn around with dignity. Some feel ashamed because they have been endorsing a war and other policies they now realize are wrong.

Anyway, that's this woman's opinion and it's the subtext of the letters I will be writing tonight.


(arlene gloria hirsch)
Love how in the end the only arguemnt that Laesch can make is Denny is a crook. Not one word about how he will improve the lives of the people in the 14th district. I think some people should call Doc Gill and ask the reason why he threw this piece of shit out of his office never to be heard from again. John if you do not have anything constructive to add to the debate then sit down and shut up. Collect your pound of flesh and go home.

Tom Boskas said...

This was posted by Tom Brophy on the Kendall County Democratic website accusing speaker hasert of supporting pedophiles during his time as the head wrestling coach at Yorkville High School:

10/03/2006 11:34 AM Alert
What would he have done if one of his wrestlers came to him and said the assistant coach sent me a very scary note.....It's unerving to think he used to be responsible for the well being of high school kids - obviously he doen't look very closely at reality!

All I can say at this poin is....."See ya, Denny - wouldn't want to be ya!"
Tom please answer a couple of questions.
1.You have been a resdient of Kendall County for 5 years and Denny has been out of teaching for over 25 years what proof do you or the Laesch campagin to make these charges of Denny Hasert being a child molestor?
2.Since there is an ongoing investigation where the results have yet to be determined how can you a self professed supporter of the consituion declare that Hasert has done anything wrong until all the facts come to light?
3. Have you not forgetten that a man is inocent until proven guilty; You often write about how self expression and your right to speak your opinion should be respected! Then Why are you allowed to scream fire in a movie theatre and threaten and make up shit about people do you become all sorts of insulted when you are questioned?
Tom please take this opprunity to read this and answer with fact and not your regualr off the Kuff reaction. You are a leader in the county party and if you want respect then please show the same courtsey please follow a few good examples like Sen Durbin and Dan Seals to name a few. If you can not bring something productive to the debate then sit down and shut your fuckin moouth. If you can learn to play nice with others then maybe people will let you play with the grown ups.

Anonymous said...

well john i`ve posted here that from what i have heard is that there are two distinct factions over there where you are and it seems has had an effect on your campaign. i will admit that i was a rubin supporter and thought he was the best canidate. that said i will vote for you and hope everything can be worked out over there in the east. i will say this to cheer you up---there are more of your small signs in dixon than denny`s and i think the lee county repub headquarters does not have a denny sign in their window. i`ll check again tomorrow. the shaw newspaper in sterling/dixon has run front page stories on denny-even mentioned the washington times! well to all that read this--this is the first time in years that we could be a democratic district let`s hope the republicans refuse to vote like they did during the obama- keyes race.

Anonymous said...

Why can't the YR's spell?

Anonymous said...

Because they're home-schooled?


Anonymous said...

tom boskas,
Perhaps we should be asking you a question.
1.) what right do you have misrepresenting a post from Tom Brophy?

Nowhere in the post you referenced does it accuse Mr. Hastert of anything. He was asking the rhetorical question of what Mr. Hastert would do if confronted with a hypothetical situation.

Which prompts me to ask the question: Can you comprehend what you read?

Tom Brophy said...

Tom boskas...sorry it's taken so long to reply - I have to earn a living as well....

Re-read my post - it is a rhetorical question that I threw out there in an attempt to cause people to think...nothing more. If you choose to read more into it, the so be it!

Hastert has done nothing for this district, he does nothing for working people, he does nothing for veterans. The American Legion- one of the most conservative VSO areound rates hiim at 0% out of 100% based on his support (or lack of support) for the veterans' issues they find important. The Retired Enlisted Association (which is the most conservative) only give him a 33% for his support of veterans, military members, and military families. The guy only does what good ol' W tells him to do. I'm ready for him to go!

Regarding the "ongoing investigation" In my humble opinion, that's Denny's way of NOT having to answer the questions..."sorry, can't comment due to the ongoing investigation"...that's a bunch of CRAP! He needs to stand up to the people of his district and now to the people of American and answer why he chose to protect a fellow republican instead of protecting teen age kids working as a page. This is serious!

Got anything else?

Anonymous said...

So, about that media....

"The scandal has reinvigorated the campaign of Hastert’s Democratic challenger in the November election, John Laesch, who said Hastert was 'absolutely' guilty of a cover-up Wednesday.

"'I will challenge his word,' Laesch said in an interview on MSNBC-TV’s 'Hardball.' 'I will get out there and say so.'

"Asked whether he believed Hastert was a man of integrity, Laesch told MSNBC-TV’s Chris Matthews: 'I think that this issue has defined the clearest difference between myself and Mr. Hastert, that being I stand for honesty and integrity, and I’ll let the voters decide where he stands.'

"The scandal has energized his supporters, said Laesch, 32, a former naval intelligence officer. 'Our phone has been ringing off the hook, and this is they only thing people want to talk about.'"

That's right: He was on Hardball with Chris Matthews. What was that about national media?

tom boskas said...

Tom it must be nice to point the finger at other people your whole life and blame them for all your problems. As a person who served in the miltary I was always under the impression that they encouraged our soliders to tell the truth; have their facts; and take responseablity for their actions. Clearly you missed that part when you were in boot camp. Self Discepline is the foundation of a succesful person; it means the differnce between success and failure. You and your little friend seem to subscribe to the school of thought that we are not responsiable for our own actions. You are truly a person who prefers to throw rocks and cast stones. You can spin your lies and filth in any direction you want. At the end of the day it is you who will be held accountable for your lies. Denny is wrong their is no doubt about it. Instead of playing on peoples fears why don't you edcuate people about your candiate. I think it is wonderful you support the veterans heck more people should. However Tom there are also other issues that you do not address example health care; school funding; jobs; taxes; these are the issues that matter to working familes. How about telling us John's platform and maybe we would listen instead of just running on the fact hasert sucks and he is out to get the veterans. Please take your time in answering we understand you have another witch to burn at the stake.

Anonymous said...

yeah caught John on hard ball; he looked like a fish out of water trying to impress his wisdomn on the world. Sounded like a nut cake at a book signing. Intresting thou how he never talked about his stance on the issues. I guess he was to busy trying to suck up to Chris Matthews. GO DENNY IN 2006!!! My Speaker is my Coach!!! Oh yeah how's this for national media John Laesch has been asked to appear on this weeks national enquier. Seems he thinks that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.

Anonymous said...

tom boskas, master pontificator, besides not being able to comprehend what he reads... he also can't quite express a coherent point in words.

Tom Brophy said...

To Annyon thanks for sucking my flute lover see you at the victory party stud!!!

Anonymous said...


Tom Brophy said...

Again, to set things straight...the last "tom brophy" post is not from me. You silly liitle young repug jerk-off's really need to grow a pair and post things under your name or continue to be anon like the cowards you are.

I can be crude, but not that crude...c'mon boys, try to get it right. Perhaps you need to go back to Carl Rove U and take some remedial courses...although I do understand that you have comprehension issues...

For the rest of the Democrats....time's a-wastin'...we need to get to work and get our candidates elected!!!

Tom Brophy said...

Mr. Boskas....sorry it's taken so long to reply to you. John Laesch has a great web site which lays out if legislative agenda. You can go to and read all about it. He has a plan for our nations security, our seniors, our veterans, health care, and education to name a few. The problem as I see it is that there are so many folks here in Kendall county who will continue to vote for Hastert without knowing anything about the man. People will vote for him because he's "the coach" and has been a lifelong member of the Kendall county community. I know retired military members who think he's great - yet he hasn't done a damn thing for them. All they know is that he's one of our own.

I want to apologize for the wordy post up-front....this is HIS voting record...not speculation or opinion...HIS VOTING choose who you want to vote for...

Right to Life groups...100%

Trust for Historic Preservation...0%
axpayers for common sense...50%


Leadership Conference on Civil Rights....0%
Human Rights Campaign...0%

John Birch society..25% for 2003, 0% for 2005, and 0% for 2005
Americans for Prosperity..0% (this is his own base)

Drug Policy Alliance...0%

National PTA..0%
National School Boards Assoc..0%

0% Across the board

Family Research Council..100% (promotes family and Judeo/Christian values)
Children's Defense Fund...0%

0% Across the board

American Assoc of Univeristy Women..0%
Business and Women Professionals..0%
Federally employed women..0%

90% across the board

Gun owners of American...40%
Campaign to prevent gun violence..0%

American Public Health Assoc..0%

0% Across the board

Alliance for Retired Persons..0%

0% Across the board

Disabled American Vet's..0%
The Retired Enlisted Assoc..50%

Bread for the World...50%
Partnership for the homeless..50%

Our boy Denny likes to state that as Speaker of the House he doesn't normally vote on any bill before the House. Let me state very clearly that that is all BS. He found the time for vote for EVERY anti-abortion bill before the House, found the time to vote for a bill that funds his own Legislature, but couldn't find time to vote for the Defense Authorization Bill which provides money to Military members, their families, and Veteran's. There are many, many more very important bills that came to the floor for a vote that our boy Denny also couldn't find time to vote for. All I can tell you is that Tip O'neil and even Newt Gingrich found time to vote...they didn't try to hide behind being "the Speaker" and use that to shield a poor voting record.

You choose who is best for our district. Even though John Laesch will be a freshman legislator, he certainly can't do worse than Denny. I'm certain John will take the time to vote!

Less than a month to go...time to kick it in gear and get Democrats elected!

Anonymous said...

It sickens me that John Laesch has even bought up the subject of his brother Peter serving in Iraq. May God bless Pete. I am grateful for his service to me and my country. However, John should not exploit his brother's service in the military when the fact of the matter is his brothers are people he should be distancing himself from like the plague. The colorful past of John's brothers is something I am sure he doesn’t want exploited. I am not going to out his brothers for their past and present activities and neither should John Laesch.