Thursday, October 05, 2006

Laesch Scores Big On Hastert Scandal.

Well, not really.

I'm home this morning cleaning the chunky vomit stains out of my livingroom rugs after spewing my dinner during last night's Hardball appearance by the boy who would be Denny.

Besides being a terrible interview, I was not in vomitas over the sight of the pisher king. No, it was the boy trying to compete with Tweety for wordspace; it was the petulant pursed lips who thought he was there to compete with the man who is known for cutting off his guests after a word or two; it was the untrained non-answers that any decent candidate would have had dripping without tripping at this point on the campaign trail.

I'll give you my take on both sides of this issue. Number one, I'm with The Chicagoist on this one. Hastert's holding a press conference momentarily, and the netgoons are spinning that it's over for the fat man. But this is a guy who has taken the point position for the GOP Mouthpieces blaming Clinton, George Soros, and any other boogeyman in the tired, pathetic GOP trick bag. I don't see a resignation on the horizon. And I don't see anything less than a 60/40 win for Hastert on November 7.

As for Laesch, if I am wrong he will prove to be the luckiest man on earth. I will pay an investigator to search for the 666 on his scalp. This candidate has done nothing positive, has not offered a single cogent solution to anything going on anywhere under the sun.

John Laesch is a unibrowed two-faced liar who made it a practice to get riproaring drunk and beat up strippers in his salad days. And those days are over. His first order of business as a candidate was to sever the head of any decent Democrat who stood in his way, while abandoning any notion that he may need those same people somewhere down the road.

I'm reminded of a someone's passage just the other day while writing about Mark Foley's sins: "in vino veritas." In wine, there is truth.

There you go. Buy this kid a drink or two and watch the truth come out. Voters in IL CD14 don't have much of a choice right now. Thanks, kid.


Anonymous said...

John Laesch is a unibrowed two-faced liar who made it a practice to get riproaring drunk and beat up strippers in his salad days.

Attention: This is an unsubstantiated rumor. HRC can provide no proof of this statement. HRC has been trying to float this rumor all summer and nobody is paying any attention because it is not true.

tom brophy said...

To annyon way to go the young regugs are really trying to protect their humilated speaker. John Laesch will take care of the needs of the people here in the 14th district. We will have a landslide in november; and the democrats will finally end the repug machine. Today is a good day to be a democrat
Lets get busy and throw trhe bumbs out!!!

Insanity is Bliss said...

Tom, Are you a Cubs Fan?

Every year do you say to yourself

Shit, we are going to the world series this year, and we will win 160 games (The sox will take two)

Lashy boy has the same exact chances...

You remind me of Bagdad Bob!!

Dave W. said...

This candidate has done nothing positive, has not offered a single cogent solution to anything going on anywhere under the sun.

VERY WELL SAID! I agree absolutely. What plan does he have for anything? I have NEVER heard one idea come out of his head. All he has done for the last year is BITCH, BITCH, BITCH & whine whine whine. It's time for some original thinking here and some original ideas instead of the finger pointing I toldyaso.

Anonymous said...

the dixon paper still has denny on the front page and now is mentioning john...jesus could it be the shaw news group is just a little disgusted? i do know the shaw family must be...things are not going away here in ronnyland...

Lyn Cole said...

Well John Laesch is doing a one on one interview this Sunday on city desk. This is imporant because if we can get John some free press then we can get our message out. Currently there are several bills that are pending in the house that will help to streamline increasing funding for schools; John is working with John Conyers and Steny Hoyner to raise this awareness on thses issues. Both Congressman have committed money and resources to John campagin. We finally have made the national headlines. Thanks to the wonderful job John did on Hardball. Way to go John.

Dave W. said...

What a crock of shit. Laesch was horrible! He's not ready for prime time. He sucked! Mathews gave him what, 2 minutes?

The reason thos Dems are finally givinbg money to Lush is because DENNY FUCKED HIMSELF! N OT BECAUSE LUSH IS A GREAT WONDERKIN CANDIDATE.

I hate these punch drinkers. They are moronic. When Lush looses, I'm going to bang my pots and pans all night long.

Anonymous said...

Your right on the money Dave! johnny boy has seen a dime from them all year and now suddenly they give. It's because NOW Denny is in trouble. His armour is chinked and they see a weakness. Johnny boy didn't cause this it. This is a fluke.

Bridget said...


Even though I am no fan of John's, the past several days I have been sitting back hoping that he would snatch this golden opportunity and make the most of it.

I was embarassed for John when I watched the Hardball interview. He was very obviously unprepared, was not on message, and completely lacked any semblance of charisma. It was completely painful to watch.

Political Insider said...

The polling is not going well for JDL. Right now he's sitting at only 30%

This "scandal" is just not playing in the 14th. Either that or JDL is blowing it all on his own.

This is very sad. I had hoped that with the national spotlight on this race for a moment JDL could at least look like a partially competent canidate, but instead he is slipping in the polls and making everyone that backs him look like they are out-of-touch and fools just like him.

The Republicans have to distance themselves from this mess and we are forced to distance ourselves from our canidate. I'm sure that the members of the "Progressive" movement will still back JDL, but since they can't see things more than 1 move ahead, they will get tarnished by his showing.

I guess TBs comment on the KCDCC website of "NA NA NA NA..." was premature.

Oh well..

Tom Brophy said...

First...the post by "tom brophy" was not from me...I'm much more crude far as the "premature comment'..maybe, nonetheless, ya gotta have a little fun - you really have to lighten up PI.

As for John, I'm still voting for him and will encourage everyone in my precinct and in the 4th precinct to do the same. I expect Oswego 30 and 4 to look like a southside ward by November 7th (that should answer the question as to my baseball loyalties...GO SOX! ...anything North of 63rd street - that's 6300 SOUTH was like being in Wisconsin to me)....

This isn't over yet...Denny is still in trouble and John will continue to capitalize on this. There's no way any sane person can believe that Denny didn't know what was going on - it's painfully clear that he stuck his head in the sand hoping it all would go away or stay un-noticed. That's NOT taking care of kids. Foley was a joke among the pages for Christ's sake - how could those knuckleheads not know what was going on. The entire situation should really piss off every American. Because the guy's an alcoholic...what a crock! I enjoy my beer and 16 year old boys NEVER look good to me.

Political Insider said...

OK Tom, you win.

The polls are wrong, history is wrong, and your 2 precincts voting records are wrong. I'm sure that your 2 precincts will come out just like a south-side precinct and vote 80% democrat.

Umm.. can I have some of what you're smoking? The shit I have here just isn't doing that for me.

Tom Brophy said...

PI.....well said! Obviously I can't guarantee an 80% win for Laesch..I will continue to be positive about his results in my precintct and will continue to keep the bar high. If he were to get 51% of the vote here..all I could say is YAHOO!!!

I'm a realist when it comes to the actual numbers, however, I always keep the goal high...something the rest of you might try.

BTW, the only thing I'm smoking here is Marlboro lights.

Anonymous said...

Well Tom once again you and the strange people you keep company with fucked up. the only thing you smoke is Marlboro Lights bull shit you smoke Laesch dick. Quite frankly Tom you couldn't carry your precinct if you had god himself helping you. See Tom the people of your precinct think youre a tool. In fact time most people in oswego think you are a tool. Tom how does it feel to see people walk the other way when they see you comming.


Tom Brophy said...

Hey anon...thanks for letting me know I "fucked up". Are you going to tell me how or did you just want to use the term - you idiot!

I gotta get back to the Bears - GO BEARS!!

Anonymous said...

What a pathetic little man. LOL this guy Brophy is a loser.