Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hastert: Foley Outing Suspicious.

Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert tells Slanthead the timing of Mark Foley's outing as an alleged child smells like a dirty trick.

Interesting to not that Hannity now has "tiny stars" ad flashing on the bottom of his home page.

Oh, yes. And that he runs an internet dating service from his website for "like-minded conservatives."

Hmmm. Looks fishy to me.


Anonymous said...

Why would you advertise Hannity's Blog with a link? You're just feeding him. At least get rid of the link.

Political Insider said...

Thanks for the link.

There goes my faith in this country. I thought the Progressives here in Kendall were nuts, those folks are worse, but unfortunately not by much.

to quote:

10/03/2006 1:35 PM Alert


10/04/2006 1:38 PM Alert
Has anybody noticed that as much as Hastert is in the press lately, you do not hear one news organization mentioning the fact he is running against John Leasch. Channel 2 last night ran an interview with Denny and didn't even mention his running against John Leasch in the back story.

Damn the liberal media!"

The above quote were lifted from the OFFICIAL Kendall County Democratic Central Committee web-site.

So much for a voice of reason to emerge.

Personally, If I was a consericy nut, I would say that the Republicans timed this themselves in order to get the dems to start acting crazy and help galvanize the Republican base.

But that would be too neat.

Political Insider said...

sorry, my keyboard is now shot and my spelling is worse.

consericy should be conspiracy

Please edit in your own minds.


Anonymous said...

Just so I understand your point. Are you saying that people should not be expressing their disapointment in the media for not mentioning Mr. Hastert's DEMOCRATIC opponent weeks before an election when they are conducting an interview of him? As far as TB's comment.. nothing wrong with a little celebrating at the misfortune of the REPUBLICAN opponent. I am sure a lot of Bears fans had a good time watching Seattle fold Sunday night.

I find it ludicrous that you have the audacity to even suggest you would understand anything about voices of reason.

Political Insider said...

Umm.. thanks for making my point.

The media is not talking about JDL because he's a looser. Sorry, I was hoping for a winning (or at least winner-like) canidate from the Democratic party this time. For a while it even looked like JDL was that person, but he's not and they ignor him because he doesn't stand a chance (please look at election numbers for the last 14 years)

TB was acting child-like in that post. That reflects poorly on Dems the way the slantheads reflect poorly on Republicans.

Da Bears are a sports team that don't get to set national budgets, pass laws, etc. There is a BIG difference, I hope you get that.

He's allowed to say whatever he wants. I'm calling him on acting like a child ON THE OFFICIAL PARTY WEBSITE. What is said there reflects, right or wrong, on all Democrats in Kendall County.

I was just hoping that we were better than that. Too bad you don't seem to care.


Anonymous said...

Yes. The media is not talking about John:


Anonymous said...

Wow, maybe the Laeschites will lay off the "Nobody covers John" rant now..

We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Political Insider said...
The worst thing for John's campaign is for JDL to open his mouth. Everytime the moron speaks he looses support.

Yes... This is a much more professional way to express yourself. Not childish at all.

Pat Feeley said...

I think that John Laesch will win this election and he has the full support of the Kendall County machine.

Tom Brophy said...

He insider...why didn't you copy and paste the entire post. Perhaps you could throw a party for Denny now that he's got the "FBI investigation" to hide behind and use that so as not to be accountable to the voters of his district and this nation....

C'mon - ya gotta have a little fun!

Political Insider said...

You're right. I guess it really doesn't matter anyway. This election is going off the rails. I almost wish that this was something we could watch from a distance and that kids weren't hurt by this.