Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Because He's Not A Pedophile.

The frantic state of the Republican party is fast becoming the culmination of their own clusterfuck of policies and lies.

Yesterday's announcement by Mark Foley's attorney that the disgraced former congressman is an alcoholic who was accosted by a member of the clergy at a young age, and is not a pedophile is not only the latest example of the shameful practices of Republicans. It's laughable.

Remember: Mark Foley didn't ask 16 year-old boys to measure their penises, and engage in "internet sex" before voting on laws on the House floor because he's a pedophile.

He's just a homosexual alcoholic and we should feel sorry for him.


Political Insider said...

My heart bleeds for him..

It's not their fault.

This is coming from the same group that spent 114 hours investigating Clinton's Christmas card list. (Turned out that it really was a xmas list)

Also, he was on the floor voting on a bill 6 minutes after another AIM exchange. Does that mean he was voting on bills drunk?

Kankakee Voice said...

Did you see the latest Faux News "mistake" regarding Mark Foley and the Pedophile Scandal? Check it out at Brad Blog

yorkvilledem said...

Don't be stupid!!!

Dave W. said...

I just saw the Chris Mathiews interview of Laesch. I though Laesch did Okay... for about 15 seconds. I'll chalk it up to inexperience. I think he sucks. He will have no voice in congress and will be steam rolled at every turn.

He has very little chutzspa and will be terribly ineffective. As much as I HATE Hastert - Denny is the better choice.

Political Insider said...

I guess he was drunk.. reports are now coming out that he was hanging around the page dorm drunk.

With all that is coming out about Foley, how can anyone say that they had no clue? I'm sure glad that I'm not a Republican!