Sunday, October 01, 2006

Here's How You Do It, Stupid.

Three cheers to the Laesch campaign for:
a) planning a Saturday press conference to "take on" Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert on the Republican Hypocritical Cocksucker issue du jour.
b) having your girlfriend/campaign manager send out a late-night email asking attendees to wear their purple Laesch t-shirts, but only if they're going to attend (people with questions were told to not wear their campaign garb, thus making them look like maybe they likely attended over the furor).
c) not scoring a single fucking hit in the Sunday press. Because you're barely intelligent enough to remember to draw breath.

Here's how it goes, for those of you who have taken in $100,000 in campaign contributions and still don't have a clue how the world works.

Saturday press conferences are a waste of time. Would you walk your precinct during college football? Have a Sunday press conference ahead of the Bears game, hoping to make it into Monday's paper?

Nope. Unless you're a unibrow moron who thinks God told you to run for office, and you feel invincible every morning when you wake up in a delusional fog from the floor of your campaign office.

Lay low, stupids. Wait for the Sunday papers to hit, then trap them in their ongoing series of lies and obfuscation. Today's New York Times, for instance, contains plenty of information that Denny knew about this a year ago. Now he says he doesn't recall, but isn't willing to state for the record that the Republican member of Congress who personally informed The Speaker did or didn't bring it up, no matter what the matter seemed to be at the time.

Don't overtly or covertly participate in press conference packing that sends a signal that your support is not genuine.

And don't be surprised that in the voluminous weekend coverage of the scandal that your name is not mentioned. Not even once. Because you have no fucking idea how the world works, you stupid pishers.

I dunno about you, but I'm going to the Bears game and hoping this idiot goes away again.

Jesus H. Christ at a tailgater.


norma said...

what gets me is if Laesch does win it will only because hastert has been foolish and not because Laesch is a better candidate.

He will not have won on the issues.

That sad.

Anonymous said...


JenniferD. said...

Andrew J. MacPhail may actually have his eye on becoming the next county chairman of the Democrats.

Think he'd be better at it than the Jim Birch Society has been. Even with his record with the Cubs.

WTF are the candidates, anyway?

Political Insider said...

Who the hell is that?

Political Insider said...

The real test would be to see if JDL and his "progressive" supporters can act with civility and maturity. From the press conference it seems that the hope of that happening is lost. The investigation will show that Hastert and the rest of the Congressional Leadership was either asleep at the wheel, or worse, criminally negligent.

The opportunity that was wasted was for JDL to come across as a reasonable person. He has been slammed for his recklesness, and staging the press conference with the email his manager/girlfiend sent was not only reckless, but foolish as well.

There is a saying about picking the low hanging fruit. What should be also said is that often the low hanging fruit is the stuff full of worms and rot. Taking the high road would be the option of a man that is ready to lead. This press conference was the action of an opportunist jerk.

But from JDL could we expect anything else *sigh*

Political Insider said...

This scandal could be VERY bad for our district.

Think about this senario:

Heavy D is forced to resign after the election. Tom Cross is appointed to replace him. Tom then gets to run in '08 as an incumbent, thus eliminating an open seat race.

Or this one:

Heavy D is forced out BEFORE the election. He still wins even though he can't serve. See above

JDL? forget it.

So what IS the good news?

The Republican base will stay home in droves. Blago is going to win, and now there are a few local canidates with a real shot. My bets are on Liz Flowers and John Crawford making it onto the county board in Kendall, and Annie Collins becoming the next County Clerk in Kane. Frank Craig now has a 50/50 shot, so that race is too close to call.

If the remaining Democrats want to win, we need to stop talking about JDL vs Heavy D (because folks here WILL come out to support their beleigered coach) and instead work real hard for the winnable races.

Tom and the rest, please just stay home, or change your tune. The winnable races don't need crazy-talk and "Look how bad Repukes are" being said to good folks who have voted republican in the past. By saying those things you will only insult EVERYONE that has ever voted for a Republican. A quick check of election results will show that 70% of the people you talk to are in that catagory.

If we can focus on supporting our good canidates and shut-up about this mess in Washington, our canidates have a shot. Maturity is the key here.

(ps. It's late so please pardon the spelling errors, thanks)

Anonymous said...

There are allot of postive things and we should listen to the poltical insider. Through this entire election season people have behaved very badily and that includes people here. If we want change then it is up to us to promote change. 35 days until the election let focus our engergies on floks that can win.

Tom Brophy said...

Don't forget about Linda Homes - she has a great shot at winning in her district...I think we'll have (2) Democratic State Senators from the Fox Valley area. I also agree about Elizabeth (I got yelled at for referring to her as "Liz") Flowers and John Crawford have a great chance as well. I can't speak to John's campaign effort as I'm not in his district. Liz needs to get her name out more and start letting folks know she's running. I think people in the County's 2nd District are ready to change the "face" of the County Board. Liz would do well there -

As far as the other candidates go, I won't give up on any of them. You may believe that Donald Duck is better than JDL and Denny - I believe that JDL will do just fine. At least he will be a voice for me and every other working person in his district. I can't say Danny is

Anonymous said...

Tom the operative word is working person. Once again you are attacking poor people in this district you have fallen behind hard times. So you are not worth while if you do not have a job. That is terrible that in Mr. Laesch's work state stay at home moms and the disabled will be sent out to fend for themselves. Mr. Brophy is this really the postion of the Democratic party. Or is it the postion of the Progressive Democratic Party which you are a founder and member. Please check with your poltical boss Jim Feeley and Mr. Birch for this reply.

Dave W. said...

Political insider - you're right.

Laesch is a bitch and a whiner. The Democrats come off as bitchy and whiney. "See, see, see, I toldya, I toldya." Tommy was making faces behind yer back missus voter. nananana poo poo.

Sorry - that was fun.

Laesch would have been much better off doing a press conference but only saying - lets wait to see the evidence and then if we have to we'll pounce.

It just shows you how much of a pussy he is.

Bridget said...


Laesch could have truly capitalized on this golden opportunity had he played his cards right. HRC, you're right, the timing was all wrong.

Not that we should expect them to do much right. It's not like seasoned professionals are running that campaign.

I believe if Hastert retires mid-cycle there will be a special election, not an appointment.

stevelepard said...

Bridget you are smart and to the point. However I have noticed that you seem to question the loyality of good progressive patriots like JDL. Quite frankly Hasert is not the total problem rather it is people like you and this progressive movement who are determined to bring a fine american like JDL down. Here we finally have an opprunity to make some inroads and people are not hearing the message and with the filth you spout our message is getting lost. You need a reality check and so do your peace and justice types because we have two decsions one is to stand and fight and the other is to cut and run. I for one will stand and fight with John Laesch {JDL} stand up against corruption and side with the kind of men our founding fathers were. We only have one America and if you love this country then join us if you do not love this country GET THE HELL OUT.

Political Insider said...


You convinced me. I'm now a total JDL supporter.

Sorry, gotta go, time for me to take my meds,

Tom Brophy said...

Steve...Bridget makes a good point about taking advantage of the situation - that is to capitalize on Hastert's dishonesty. Also, Steve, it's a very good an valid point - I can't imagine anyone on the Laesch campaign making that kind of an ultimatum....

Anon...Where in the hell did you see me write anything about stay at home moms or working need to work on your comprehension skills and re-read what I wrote. Once you've read it again, google "working person" and you'll see how it's defined...

Let's stop talkking about what could have been and start making things happen! BTW - nobody will cause me to believe anything other than Hastert knew about the enitre Foley thing and just chose to do nothing about it hoping it would disappear!

Bridget said...

Steve, I suggest that you spend some time in an 8th grade remedial reading program. "Loyality", "opprunity" and "decsions" are not words, sweetheart. And it's "Hastert", not "Hasert". The first rule in knowing the enemy is knowing his name!

Yes, I am smart and I absolutely question Laesch's credibility and I have every reason and right to do so. We live in a democracy, REMEMBER? We're the big tent party. We don't tell people to leave the country if we don't agree with them. Want me to hold your hand with this one? I know it's a hard concept to grasp but you'll get it eventually. Step one is to lay off the Fox News talking points.

Laesch's message isn't getting lost because more politically savvy folks such as myself refuse to support him. John wouldn't know the meaning of effective messaging if it came and bit him in the face! His supporters (that's you, genius) are out on the blogs bastardizing the English language and spewing Republican talking points and I'm the one corrupting the message? Laesch supporters are writing hysterical, ineffective letters to the editor that make Democrats look like a bunch of raving lunatics and I'm corrupting the message? Laesch can't even get the timing right on what could quite possibly be the most golden opportunity he could ever hope for and somehow I am responsible?

You people are off your goddamn rocker. At least Tom Brophy can speak in coherent sentences. Tom, you're alright in my book. Even if you have drank the Laesch Koolaid.

Dave W said...

"L" is for Lepard and for LLLLoser. I just don't get people like you. You're so misinformed yet you walk around talking as though you're an expert. John Laesch is a "Progressive" himself in fact he's a Kendall County Progressive Precint committeeman and he's shows up for the peaces ralies to carry the coffins and make speeches.

If you say Laesch isn't any of those things, I'll believe you but then I wonder why Laesch would hang around all of those people if he wasn't one of them. Then I figure, well, he a liar and a fraud and an opportunist and a con man and a charletin. A fake a phoney, a bullshit artist, he's so full of shit he could work on FOX NEWS. He's a Christian Democrat. Wants to bring prayer back into our schools and beats up strippers.

Do yourself a favoer chump, become better informed about the candidate your cock sucking.

Political Insider said...

Yes Tom, we know, your mind is made up, don't confuse you with the facts.

"nobody will cause me to believe anything other than"...

Now we have 2 canidates running for office in the 14th that have no business being in Washington.

This is good how?

JDL wins and opens his mouth once there the Democrats look like fools. JDH wins (just by staying in the race) and the entire district looks like fools.

There is a third choice. I would love to see a "No Vote" campaign. Let the real Democrats vote for the canidates we think will be good for us and NOT VOTE for either canidate in the 14th.

Let's face it. No matter who wins we suffer. Either a crook goes back, or the worst thing to happen to the Democratic Party since LaRouche did the same thing the "progressive"s did. Either way we don't get a good person, so who cares who the winner is? We can send a huge message by not voting for either canidate and being able to proudly say on Nov 8 "Don't blame me, I didn't vote for the [insert derogatory term here]"

Tom Brophy said...

political insider...I'm obviously not going to change your mind any more than you will be able to change mine regarding John Laesch. All I know is that , in my book, he's miles ahead of Denny Hastert. I believe he will speak for me in DC - not for the drug companies, not for developers, etc...what the hell, none of those clowns have him in their pocket like they do good ol' Denny.

I do believe that we would be doing the voters of the 14th District a disservice by encouraging folks to "not vote". We have the right to vote and we should be encouraging folks to exercise that right - no matter who wins. At least, when it's all said and done, I will be able to say I made a choice.

We all agree that this is a golden opportunity that should be exploited by the Laesch campaign. I think he'll take advantage of it and capitalize on the situation. If nothing else, this could cause Denny to spend his time here and hopefully his money here which could hurt other repug candidates. One of the worst things about Denny is that he has the ability to spend so much cash and time getting other repugs elected in other districts...maybe this will cause that to stop - at least I hope so.

I say we need to get as many Democrats elected as possible - THAT WOULD SEND A STRONG MESSAGE. Doing nothing - that is - not voting would have no effect. The same jerks would be re-elected and there would be absolutely no possibility for change.

I'm really very hopeful!

Bridget said...

Yeah, let's not advocate for low turnout. Even if Laesch is an idiot, there are other good candidates on the ballot that would suffer if folks stay home an election day.

Anonymous said...


I'm voting for the crook. As someone said the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know. Hastert will be on the straight and narrow his last term in office so we won't have to worry about the crook.

I would worry about the liar though. Laesch is the devil we really don't know about.

Political Insider said...

I'm not advocating staying home. PLEASE vote for GOOd canidates. Those that re[resent you and your beliefs, no matter what side of the isle you are on. personally, 95% of the time it's a Democrat I vote for.

But there is a thing called "undervote" It is a way to send a strong message to the party leaders on BOTH SIDES that the people of the 14th district will not be held hostage to canidates that should not be allowed to walk freely let alone one will get a cushy job in Washington.

C'mon, why vote for the lesser of two evils when they are both AWFUL! I like Frank Craig, John Crawford, Annie Collins, Liz (she lets you call her that after you meet her Tom, at least she did when she came to my door) Flowers, Jesse White, Dan Haynes, and others not on the tip of my fingers right now. I will vote for those where I am in their district. I will NOT vote for either JDL or JDH.

Plainfeildrob said...

Why don't you zip it PI.

Tom Brophy said...

Insider - sorry you can't fully exercise your right to vote...not voting in this particular race is the same as voting FOR the fat man himself...