Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Why Is It Worse When It's White Collar?

As the television droned on a few minutes ago, I caught the CNN reporter saying "terribly difficult decision" and "tuned in." She was talking about GM cutting seven percent of its white collar workforce after losing billions of dollars last year.

So why is this so terrible? I don't remember it being such a "terribly difficult decision" when tens of thousands of blue-collar union workers were eliminated, largely because GM and Delphi wanted to get the wage levels down.

Who was responsible for the dumb designs, the overmarketing of inferior products, or price point decisions that didn't go over well with the consuming public?

It wasn't the union employees, who GM has finally agreed to provide with a decent severance package, rather than the wholesale layoff that was originally planned.

Other industries have shed as many employees as GM is now cutting back in its non-union management and administrative posts. And those moves were largely to shore up sagging profits, not billions in losses.

Build a better God-Damned car, focus on what we need (not the big fucking gas guzzlers the Moron Contingent wants), and hit the price point. I'll take my commission in Euros, thank you.

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