Monday, March 27, 2006

Having the Proper Response.

It's so important, you know, having the proper response to any argument. But once and for all, it's time for Democrats to cinch up their nuts and get a response to such idiotic blanket statements such as, "The Democrats have no plan..."

And while Sens. Arlan Specter and Tom Tancredo are eating each other over immigration and amnesty issues (which is just fine with me, although I like Specter), Democrats wisely lay in wait.

The only statements to the press that I've read are from Sen. Kennedy, who correctly pointed out that we've spent $20 billion over the past 10 years alone on chains, fences and other programs that didn't work.

But what is the proper response?

It starts with the standing of Democrats in the House, which is now a dozen year-old phenomenon. They have no voice. Republicans, now more than ever, are committed to seeing little, if anything at all, ever come out of the Democratic caucus and onto the floor for debate.

In the Senate, you've got the same thing going on with Fristy. He simply does not allow Democratic voices to be heard.

So, in short, the proper response is, "We have plans and we have voices. But the Republicans who control the Legislative Branch -- both houses of Congress -- won't allow us to get our message to you. So here we are..."

Remember that next time the RNC pulls a stunt such as belittling a very qualified black man in Tennessee who wants to become Senator there, by creating a website that refers to him as "Fancy" (a racially charged term in the South) and points to how much he spends on a hotel room in the big city. And all the while, the RNC does not promote a reasonable point of view.

Remember that the next time the RNC sends out a mailing that says Democrats will "ban the Bible" if they regain power.

Remember that the next time Fristy stands in front of the camera with that silly, wholly inappropriate little grin on his goofy face.

Remember that when Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert has Republican Congressmen stand in front of a gas station to shill for an energy bill that lines the pockets of campaign donors, while cynically claiming it's the first step to lowering gas prices, and does nothing but the former while increasing dependence on gasoline and oil.

Remember how Hastert reluctantly promoted "reform" in Congress years after taking the helm -- and millions in contributions from his own fat-cat donors -- and ended up the head of a Congressional party that elected a scumbag, back-slapping, ethically challenged guy like John Boehner to be at his right hand.

Remember that when guys like Rush Limbaugh, who has been married and divorced three times, a publicly admitted drug addict, goes on and on about how gay marriage will ruin the institution of marriage, and that drug traffickers should be executed.

Remember that when Hastert implies that a billionaire who supports Democrats may be involved in overseas drug trafficking, while he has made a career of hiding drug charges and DUIs within his own family.

There's your response.

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scifuentes said...

Very well put. I'm still waiting to see were the Democratic back bone is.