Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hastert's Congressional Genocide Caucus.

Guess maybe they were for genocide before they were against it.

Now they're for it again.
THE CONGRESSIONAL GENOCIDE CAUCUS: Earlier this month, the House approved $173 million in funds for the African Union's (AU) modest peacekeeping force in Darfur, $50 million more than President Bush requested in his FY06 budget. Unlike previous votes on Darfur, however, which were mostly symbolic and which passed with overwhelming support, the recent House vote actually garnered significant opposition from conservatives.

Notice in the role call that Boehner, Blunt, Hyde, Biggert, Johnson, Manzullo, LaHood, Shimkus, Weller, all voted against the measure.

So it appears that all of the Republicans in the Illinois Congressional delegation are against adequately funding the African Union's peacekeepers.

How do you run from this, Denny?

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