Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hastert Statement On Evans Is Telling.

Take a look at the statement from Hastert on 24-year Congressman Lane Evans's surprise announcement today that he is retiring at the end of his term, after battling Parkinson's Disease for eight years.

Without much reading between the lines, you can see the anticipation, the hope for Andrea Zinga's election in the fall, the short and sweet "good riddance" to another Democrat "on the other side."

For those of you who have not seen Andrea Zinga in action, and think Jean Schmidt of Ohio the only member of the FCB Coalition in the House, think again. Zinga is one FCB, and now she's even closer to a House seat than any God-fearing Democrat would like.

Please, please come up with a good replacement for Evans.


HRC said...

That's "Fucking Crazy Bitch Coalition."

UMRBlog said...

There's "Viable Candidate" and there's "not Exactly" Zinga is NE.

Lane Evans is a great man but she would have run closer to him than she will a cipher candidate. As long as the dem chairs nominate somebody from the quad cities, her numbers will make the pitiful and ubiquitous Mark Baker look like Abe Lincoln. Look at your top three population counties in this stupid boomerang shaped district. All Dem. Little hiccups in the sparsely populated counties can't hurt a democrat much.

She can be as bitchy as she wants, she still get beat like a drum by anyone who can brush and floss. Ironically, the guy she nosed out in the primary would have had a shot. He was a breath of fresh air.

Democrats in Western Illinois don't stand to lose on this one but veterans might. There was no better Vets advocate than that fine Marine, Lane Evans.

Nice Blog, even if I think you're out to lunch on Zinga being viable.

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