Friday, October 28, 2005

You Have Got To Be Kidding.

Realizing, of course, that this is going to land into a number of feed sites, I am being kind.

This actually falls under the category of Are You Fucking Kidding Me?!

Today's comments by Bush, verbatim, from
    While we're all saddened by today's news, we remain wholly focused on the many issues and opportunities facing this country. I got a job to do, and so do the people who work in the White House. We got a job to protect the American people, and that's what we'll continue working hard to do.

    I look forward to working with Congress on policies to keep this economy moving. And pretty soon I'll be naming somebody to the Supreme Court.

    Thank you all very much.
First of all, it's nothing short of disgusting that he did not line up the staff and demand an explanation. A public ass-kicking on a runway somewhere would have actually preserved this nimrod's "straight-shooter" image. What it shows is not a guy who values loyalty among trusted friends and colleagues. It shows a man so twisted by his rigid ideology that he can't move out of its way, even when it is crushing him by its sheer unwieldiness.

Second, "We got a job to do" is something I expect to hear from some jumpsuit-clad community service inductee on way out the diner door to go clean up ditches. It's nice that he "relates" to the lower-class, uneducated, but he's the fucking President for Christ's sake. Dress it up, shrubby. You're on camera.

Last (but not least), is that this demonstrates the President's wholesale shamelessness and inability to answer the call of the people. We don't want another 30-second, platitudinous piece of crap (although we had a nice serving from the President's speech in Norfolk this morning). The photo used here from the Norfolk speech, for instance, shows Chauncey Gardener in front of another platitudinous banner proclaiming "Strategy for Victory." Didn't hear one. Haven't heard one yet. If they keep printing it on signs, maybe it'll just become true.

We want answers, God-Damnit. What did you know, when. And why is Dick Cheney, who obviously had at least some knowledge of these goings-on, still working on the public payroll.

If only we had a branch of government that could demand oversight... or answers... from the Imperial Branch. Oh, for a Democracy like the one The Framers had in mind.

Since Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert is so consumed by what I'm writing about him (because the media has been too chicken to expose this fraud), he doesn't have time for oversight of any kind.

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