Friday, October 28, 2005


Dennis Hastert now has a blog!

I guess all the visits from the House and Senate offices to 50 Miles Out of the Loop are working. I have long criticized the moronic site Hastert offers, with limited (at best) updates, and scant information, in general. But even today, it's nothing more or less than it was a week ago.

What is the first entry about? Hastert's gushing support for Big Oil to start building new refineries all over the country, presumably to bring down the cost of energy. As usual, Hastert's point of view is about as deep as a teacup saucer.

BTW, Denny, I don't think anyone is going to believe that you're writing it... which of the million-dollar communications staff in your office is at the keyboard? Judging from the talent pool you've assembled, it's likely a group effort.

I think anyone with a brain expects the Speaker's site to be every bit as robust as

Get your asses busy, kids. You're as behind as your boss's views on energy issues.

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