Friday, October 28, 2005

And Speaking of Platitudinous Crap...

Is there anyone out there who thinks we are getting anything of value from the Speaker's website?

Considering the pile of money (Your Money) that goes into Hastert's Communications (or "Press") operation, one would think there would be something more there than the following drivel:
    Speaker J. Dennis Hastert Statement on Current Energy Prices
    Speaker Hastert Applauds Passage Of Bill to Ease Lawsuit Abuse

    Speaker Hastert Comments On America’s Economic Endurance
    On Vote Allowing the Remains of Rosa Parks to Lie in Honor in the Capitol
There is nothing here of value. Half of these platitudes, with accompanying 100-word essays were all posted today. That's the most work I've ever seen from Hastert's staff (especially considering addition of the blog, yesterday) in such a small span of time.

But it's meaningless crap. At best, it shows what a political hack Denny Hastert is. Drilling for more oil in America's once-protected pristeen wilderness and building more refineries (because that's what Dick Cheney says we need to do) is the most important position you'll find in this mix. And it's so shallow, it's not worth the effort to read the message even if it were distilled into a text message news clip on my phone.

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