Friday, October 28, 2005

Shameless Whores: Hastert Press Crew

I always thought Denny Hastert was a phony, but now it's confirmed on just the second entry on the new feature, "Speaker's Journal," his new blog.

The second post (more honest and full of genuine candor than the first, which pretended to be Hastert at the keyboard) is posted by Ron Bonjean, formerly of the Trent Lott Incompetent Press Machine™.

He basically posts a reprint of a news release linked to the source,

What you may not know is that CNSNews is about as legitimate a news source as newsmax.

It is a subsidary (a phony front operation, pretending to be a news site) owned by the Media Research Center, which is owned by Right-Wing Nutjob Brent Bozell. His $2.8M advertising campaign accepted public donations to promote a campaign led by Uncle Same pointing a finger, admonishing the "liberal media elites" to "TELL THE TRUTH!"

To some of us who use actual thought and reasoning in our day-to-day lives, that's kind of like flag-burning.

So what you have here, basically, thanks to Ron Bonjean, is Hastert's endorsement of Brent Bozell's worldview, which is to say that Dennis Hastert supports crap like this.

Nice going, Ron. No one could have fucked over Denny any better than you have. And you haven't been on his staff that long!

Why does Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert support this brand of radicalism?

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