Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Part of The New CNN.

If you're able to watch the ongoing live coverage CNN is currently running of the Iranian announcement that their nuclear energy program has now achieved enrichment of uranium, you should watch.

The coverage -- especially when you consider what CNN daytime programming has come from in just a couple of years -- is simply superb.

Another thing that's just taken place in the coverage is the dancing, shouting group in tribal costume that's moved on-stage to hail the latest development in the nuclear energy/arms program.

If, for a moment, you're able to kind of remove yourself from your body and look down, you can see how our nation's own theocrats and Iran's are calling the shots.

Pretty scary shit.

Wish we had a down-to-earth local leader in Washington who could help moderate the tone. We just don't have one, though.

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