Thursday, April 13, 2006

Kendall County's Political Merger.

While I was out last week, apparently the torch was passed from the current Democratic party leadership in the county to a new slate of candidates, led by the inimitable Jim Birch Society president himself.

The torch is, indeed, passed, as there were no objections presented and no other candidates nominated for the party offices.

This is quite interesting on a number of fronts, as Birch was quoted after forming his own party organization two years ago, that it would be less formal than the county's central committee. My understanding of party structure is that every countywide party organization is chartered under the state party org, which requires "formalities" such as the use of Robert's Rules of Order, which stipulates adherance to such "formalities" as having a quorum, recognizing voices from the floor, etc.

Another silly formality is the process of assuring the survival of the organization, itself.

Now that Birch effectively controls both party organizations in the nation's third fastest growing county, it remains to be seen what approach either organization will take.

Consider this, however: The entire party will now be controlled by one person. Not good. Interesting that that was the complaint the Birchers had the past few years about the Flowers organization, which is closely tied to the Illinois House Speaker.

And consider this: The Birchers have no such support from any party official outside of Kendall county. What a quaint little island the county will make.

Over the past few months, since the January petition challenges, I have learned that a number of the Birchers (some now nominees to head the local party) have only provided lip service to the Blagojevich campaign. In fact, more than one of the slated Kendall county party nominees have openly criticized Gov. Blagojevich, saying they hope Topinka runs him out of office in November because she'll be easier to work with.

Fact: This is the political equivalent of the sin of blasphemy.

Also consider that a number of the Kendall County Progressives actively supported Republican States Attorney candidate Eric Weis, and engineered the crossover vote to prevent another Ingemunson from gaining elected office. By anyone's estimation, that was a terrible move that will cost Kendall Dems dearly. Daddy Ingemunson won't let that one slide.

Whatever you think of Dallas Ingemunson, know one thing: a man who raises nearly a quarter of a million dollars for his son's election to a local office doesn't like losing. Not with the deals that no doubt were made when the money changed hands.

The local Dem support of Weis was the political equivalent of a murder-suicide. But of course, the suicide victims are not bright enough to realize they've swallowed the poison they themselves mixed into everyone's kool-aid.

Will the Jim Birch Society slate candidates on the countywide ballot? Will they fill the remaining precinct committeeman posts, and tie up their stranglehold on the local party? Will they slate a candidate against Eric Weis in November? Ever?

It's enough to make a girl wonder if the neighboring countywide Dem organizations are even aware of the alliances that have been put in play along the way.

Hello out there? Kane, DuPage, DeKalb, Will and Grundy Democratic party heads? Are you ready to watch the Democratic party in the fastest growing county in the midwest slip down the drain for good?


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that Birch declined that he wanted the position no less then twice in the local papers. Once in the Ledger and once in the Beacon. And this one might have slipped past you while you were out of town. John Laesh, everyone's favorite candidate, was nominated for secretary of the party, accepted and then Jim Feely, another favorite, had to take the phone out of the room to talk him out of it so Mrs. PFarrer could run unopposed. Or here's another nugget of info, Flowers nominated someone for every position besides Chair, he chose "Birchers" but he is the one against party unity, according to the soceity, right? All of the "Birchers" declined his nominations. Just thought I'd throw those facts in there to go along with your astute commentary.

Anonymous said...

The real problem with the Birchers is that they're so completely out of touch with what mainstream Democrats think that they no longer represent anyone other than themselves. So there are, perhaps, 150 of them and 30,000+ Kendall dems who a)hate their guts, b)don't care, or c)feel so completely disenfranchised that they're going to vote for Republicans. My only hope is that this crew will self-destruct, with a bit of help from Dallas.

kpfarrer said...

I have to jump in and address these sad and lonely little posts.

1. So Jim Birch mentioned PDCKC was less formal than KCDP - sounds good to me. Better to perhaps give meeting attendees an opportunity to speak than to snap at them whey they may stray a bit from the agenda. No one said they intended to do away with important meeting procedures. Your imagination/spin is very active.

2. Yes, Jim Birch has stated that he did not want the KC Dem Chair position. However, he has many supporters who have continued to encourage him to run, and since not one single candidate stepped up, Jim agreed to run - not because he was hot to get the position, but because we were depending on him to do so. Had another qualified candidate stepped up I'm confident Jim would have happily supported him/her. Unti that happens, many are happy with Jim as their choice.

2. Yes, at the 4/6 meeting Martin Flowers did nominate other "Birchers" for each position. All declined except John Laesch, who when phoned during the meeting was unaware that I ("Mrs. Pfarrer") had already been nominated for the position of Secretary. Being a team player, John accepted the nomination, then Jim Feeley called to explain that I had already accepted a nomination (which John was unaware of - so much for your imagined paranoid scenarios). Since there was a candidate, John then withdrew his acceptance (on speaker phone for all to hear) so he could concentrate on his congressiaonal campaign. Why is any of this a problem?

3. Martin's nominations did not appear to be in the name of "party unity", but antics to make some point. What that point was I'm not sure. If Martin wanted to see others nominated why didn't he find some interested candidates to back instead of randomly surprising "Birchers"? Frankly, it was just weird.

4. The big question should be - if so many people are so against Jim Birch & the "Birchers", where were all these people on 4/6? They certainly weren't at the meeting nominating someone other than Jim Birch or "Mrs. Pfarrer" for the KCDP offices.

5. In your zeal to discredit Jim Birch with anonymous blather (which doesn't include any actual documentation to substantiate it) you dismiss and insult many other committed and enthusiastic local Dems. It's not all about Jim & Marty - there are plenty of good people out here.

6. All the anonymous posts are a laugh riot. I am proud to state my opinions in my own name.

Your negative focus on Jim Birch does nothing to help the party and only serves to keep it divided. Why not get out to some meetings, meet the rest of the Dems, and get some work done instead of "entertaining" us here? I'm proud to have been nominated for KCDP Secretary and hope to do some good work with or without you. Most likely without from what I've seen.

Kelly Pfarrer

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with the fact that you were nominated, Mrs. Pfarrer. In fact, congrats. I am however alarmed that good ole JB is now going to be the chairman since you have stated yourself that he was not "hot" for the job. If it isn't about Jim and Marty then why is Jim the only person you all felt could possibly lead the party? I know for a fact that Tom Brophy was nominated. I understand he declined but couldn't he have taken the position in the name of unity so we wouldn't have to worry about this Jim/Marty nonsense? I am sure he is as qualified as Jim and would have done an admirable job.

kpfarrer said...

Thanks for responding. Please don't misunderstand my statement about Jim not being "hot" for the job. I merely meant that the formation of PDCKC and their & Jim's activities were not for the purpose of putting Jim in the KCD Chair position. I did not mean to imply that Jim has no interest or that he isn't ready to do the work. I stand behind my statement that had another qualified candidate stepped up Jim would back them.

I agree, Tom Brophy would also be a fabulous Chairman, but he did not want the position so he declined the nomination.

Jim is the only one who stepped up & he is running uncontested - if someone has a better candidate they should have nominated them at the 4/6 meeting. That opportunity will come around again so those who are so against JB should be prepared to have a candidate to offer who is qualified AND wants the position. They might try speaking to the person prior to the nomination as well!

We don't HAVE to worry about the Jim & Marty nonense. My question is, why can't all of you who can't let go of "Jim & Marty" get w/the current program in the name of unity? Not fair to put the burden of unity on Tom B's shoulders. He is doing plenty as it is. There are so many others beside JB involved, why continue the division just because you don't care for one person? Most of us weren't even around during the past events, we're not zombies, and we want to get things done. We would appreciate any help you had to offer!

Also, why are you/HRC anonymous?

Kelly Pfarrer

Anonymous said...

Kelly Great post I think you are correct in wanting to defend your chairman. I find that quite encouraging and respect your loyality to Chairman Birch. However you say that history is not important and you do not understand the divide in the party. and yet you speak to the divide like you are an authority with your letters and comments. As an officer of the central committee you have a duty to reach out to all people not just a select few. I think from what I have read you are passionate and your are going to great in your new postion with a fresh start please however and take into consideration that there are two sides to every story. As far as the outgoing officers they wish the new adminstration well and success in 2006.

kpfarrer said...

Thanks Anonymous. To be clear, I never said history is not important, just said let's move on from it because in this case the negative obsession with it is destructive to the work we need to do.

Also, just said many of us including me weren't around for the history. I sure don't think of myself as an authority on the history issues, I am just providing my opinions and observations based on what I've seen and heard since recently joining PDCKC and getting involved in local politics.

I hope the new KCDP will do a great job in reaching out to all and I really think we'll all work hard to that goal. I am in touch with others beside the "Birchers" (despite what a great group they are!) and intend to promote a productive working relationship between KCD & as many dem groups as possible. There are so many others out there who are interested & enthusiastic - we need to get everyone together.

Thanks again & why is everyone anonymous???


Anonymous said...

Well Kelly you are right we need to get everyone together. As far as anonymous you lived here in the county in 2004 an extra pair of hands should would have been nice. except you have stated you reached out to the democratic party and felt no presence or inclusion. Yet most of the committmen who were involved in 2004 never heard of you. However history is not imporant. You have every right to be enthusatic because it new chapter being written in Kendall County Democratic history. It is great that you and a number of people filed for office however you will have a large say on the future of the party. The Ball is in your court and based on the impression of you from your posts you will do a great job. Please be a voice of reason because there are so many people here in the county who care about the direction of the party. We are now looking to you as a leader to help create unity with in the county. Good Luck Kelly

kpfarrer said...

Again, just for the record - Of course none of the committeemen heard of me in 2004. I never did anything in KC until 2005. All I ever said was that after we moved to Kendall County I wanted to get involved and checked out the KC Dem website & found that not much was going on in KC with the Dems, then did nothing for a while. I didn't - nor did I ever claim to do - anything else except eventually meet up w/local DFA people who put me in touch w/PDCKC.

I'll do my best to do good things for the KCDP.


Anonymous said...

To be fair I have checked out your website and would like to tell Bill a job well done. I was at the slating meeting just wanted to check out the party and see where the local party was at in regards to being able to get involved. I found the meeting and the progressive P/C's to remind of high school when you had all those clicks. I attended a young democrat rally in 2004 at the fox bend golf course and found 75 people committed for the future of the democratic party. I found this refreshing to meet the young party chair and have heard nothing but goodthings. Met several of the candiates that were running and met my committmen Charlie Parker who was also running for county board. Charlie and the people I met were not demons instead they were good people who wanted to make a differnce. Jim Birch came to my house when he was running for county board to only vote for him and not charlie because he was the true democrat and charlie was not really a democrat. Later to find out I get a flyer for some picnic in 2004 and read the ledger about how there is a divide in the county when I thought 2004 was an imporant election. Where are all the young kids and postive people who were at that rally. I just would like to know. With the divsion created in 2004 and the drop in my precinct of Oswego 22 where do we go from here. And to be fair I wouls like to say we were redistricted however I never saw the man your group got to replace charlie. Is he still involved because We sure miss him.

The Evil Reverend said...

Once again, the Birch society with Kelly as the mouthpiece is proving themselves to be either stupid, or worse, Jerks. the reason so many of us remain anonymous is that zelots exist to harm those that speak against them. If anyone posting against a birch society member, or the society its self, would leave themselves open to personal attach.

In 2 years when the society has been run out of town on a rail just like the LaRouse members of a decade or so ago, Kelly might wish she had remained anonymous.

I'm not threatening, since I find her rather funny and would miss her posts, but reality is what it is, and bad things happen to bad people. I actually almost feel sorry for her being too stupid and/or shortsighted to realize what the future holds. The society is a symptom of a party that has lost it's rudder. Once the Dems wake-up and discover their course the society and it's members will be looked on with distain and a bit of self conciense guilt by all that knew them.

Have fun while you can. You have made your bed and now you have to sleep in it.

Oh, BTW the reason that everyone is fixating on the Jim vs Martin issue is because Jim SAID it was all about him vs Martin (sources include The Beacon News, The Ledger Sentinal, Jim Birch, Jim Feely, Tom Brophy, KCDPC Website).

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you say to the Pfarrers Evil Reverend. They love to harass people by calling police with imagined "threats." The democrats in Kendall county are worthless and love to sling mud and harass people. Totally classless big-mouths who will do absolutely nothing for the general public....
We really need to get rid of political parties and classes. Only then will we have "true" elections.