Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Little Blog Report.

It's true. Sometimes all you need to do is point out to someone that they've been jerking off at work in order to get them to stop it. Such is the case with the "Speaker's Journal" blog, which I wrote about here on March 29.

Lo! and Behold! Thus Spaketh The Speaker's Ghost Writer on March 31!

And so it goes. Another piss-poor, I-can-see-exactly-what-you're-up-to propaganda mill churns anew.

Rife with invective, the latest post reads like an extended press release. The theme: The GOP is mature and knows what Americans want; the Democrat party is weak, doesn't understand national security issues, and must often be referred to as "the other side."


Think about this: this is the tone representing the largest legislative body in our government.

Now stop jerking each other off and get the hell back to work.

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