Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hastert's Congress to Gulf Coast:

Your unemployed citizens just got another 13 weeks to find a God-Damned job. So get busy.


You bet. Hastert is one of those moronic, knee-jerk conservatives who sees unemployment as a black and white issue. The reason you're not finding a job is your fault. You're not looking, or you're not taking whatever's available. If Congress extends unemployment benefits beyond the legal limit of six months, they're only aiding and abetting the enemy. You know, the Welfare State.

Wow. Three more months of unemployment benefits.

Thank You, Sir!

Can we get those poor, dirty niggers and cajuns a gummint-issued refrigerator box to live in?

What good Christian Congressmen we have. Those miserable victims on the Gulf Coast receive an average of only $189/week.

Jesus Christ Almighty.

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Anonymous said...

HRC You are right people need to be made aware of this because we all have allot to lose if this guy gets to be speaker again.