Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hastert & Wrecking Crew Head to NOLA.

Look out, big easy. Heavy D is on the way. Prepare the King Cakes, roll in the barrels of Abita, hose down the Vomitorium, and dredge Pontchartrain for the last sewage- and muck-dwelling crawfish for The Delegation!

While I think it's nice that this is finally happening, you know it's going to be marked by an orgy of gastronomy. ( Could this have been timed for Hastert to attend Mardi Gras? Oh, perish the thought! ) When you consider the large number of dignitaries chosen for the trip, it goes way beyond insult.

If these Republicans had any sense at all, if they gave a single God-Damn about what has happened and what the government needs to do for its citizens, there would be regular delegations of 2, 5, 10 House members or their senior staff members going to the Gulf Coast, reporting back to the office, posting digital images of the carnage and whatever progress or special needs they identify. You would see them every night on television talking about it. No, crowing about it.

This is just another whorefest about to unfold. The philistines are firmly in control.

Think I'm wrong?

Well, well. I noticed Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert's greatest mentor, Archangel of New American Private Orphanage System Newt Gingrich is now piping up about why the government must rebuild NOLA.

So... When does the American public finally stand up and say Enough is Enough! with these cynical ploys that do nothing but destroy the public trust?

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