Friday, October 14, 2005

Watch Apple...

Catching up on two days of news and stuff that's been rolling around in my head. Sorry for the lack of posts (I'm pleased to see lots of "regulars" are checking in daily, now), but coming into the mountain time zone from the west prevents you from doing a lot of things. What scenery!

One thing that's puzzled me for some time is that Apple has not yet snatched up troubled TiVo.

The biggest announcement the Wizard of Cupertino made Wednesday seems to be the one most people missed. The new iMac with Front Row sets the stage for just such a move.

And as for the portable TiVo its fans have been waiting for for a couple of years? It's here now.

Oh, yeah. That "media appliance" Bill Gates has been talking about for years now? Here it is.

Now it's the best computer you can buy, plus VOIP, plus internet radio and webcast/podcast device, plus the best digital video appliance on the market.

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