Monday, October 17, 2005

The Biggest Story in DC Today.

In spite of the fact that Karl Rove is about to be indicted (which will now bring about his resignation), and everyone is about to start talking about the naked emperor boy, there is much bigger news in Washington today.

With his name finally revealed: Welcome, Tai Shan. The newly-named baby panda at the National Zoo is the first to be born in captivity in the U.S. and survive 100 days. His name means "Peaceful Mountain." Indeed.

I'll be visiting in the spring, for sure. Oh, my GOD! Is this a cute baby, or what?

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Anonymous said...

Actually, Tai Shan is the THIRD surviving panda cub born in captivity in the U.S.; the San Diego Zoo had two beforehand (the first was Hua Mei in 1999, who has had two pairs of twins of her own since; and the second was Mei Sheng, who recently turned two and still lives at the San Diego Zoo with his parents and new sibling). The San Diego Zoo has another cub that is about a month younger than Tai Shan and is currently holding a naming contest for her.