Monday, October 10, 2005

Denny Hastert's America:
"Free-Market" Health Insurance

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On the left rail of Sunday's page one is probably one of the most-overlooked stories out there. It deals with the shocking, skyrocketing rise in the cost of healthcare, and how insurers are either cutting coverage or raising deductibles in an effort to remain "competitive" among employers.

Keep in mind that while this is going on, the House of Representatives, led by Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert is hard at work doing nothing to keep this from contributing to a huge, looming economic crisis for families. Nice family values, eh?

No, no. This is all about that "competitive free market economy" that Republicans like Hastert are always using to defend their Hooverian economic and social principles. Add this on to the cost of gasoline, the crushing increase in natural gas prices expected in the midwest this winter, and the diesel fuel crisis now beginning to snowball in the supply chain, and you're looking at one Hell of a recession in 2006.

Good job, Denny. That's leadership.


Kankakee Voice said...

Hey, Denny doesn't get ALL the credit...he's got all his sheep, like "Wrong Way" Weller following.

Blue Cross of California said...

Health care costs are getting out of control and something should be done as millions lack coverage.