Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Why I Don't Shop at Menard's

Remember in 2000 when every Menard's truck pulling out of the Plano warehouse donned a "Bush-Cheney 2000" sign on the back door? I still do.

In business, we call that blatant stupidity. You don't fly your political colors on your work truck. Honestly, I haven't shopped for anything more than a roll of tape at Menard's since 2000.

With that in mind, I took another look at the Prairie Parkway plan.

Much of the land selected in IDOT's final plan for the Parkway is owned locally by farm families. You know, the kind Hastert hid behind when he railroaded the elimination of the "death tax" through Congress.

Some of the land adjacent to the final IDOT plan is owned by Menard's of Wisconsin, whose CEO, John Menard, has been a reliable Republican donor over the years.

Who would have thought they'd build a giant highway right across the road from the Menard's distibution center east of Plano? What terrific luck!

Check out Open Secrets for the details of Mr. Menard's "compassionate generosity."

But wait, IDOT is a state agency, not under the control of J. Dennis Hastert. Right?

If you think that Hastert does not have an incredible amount of influence at the state agency level in Illinois, you are probably not smart enough to breathe.

Take a breath and think again.

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