Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Shameless Politicking

If you don't "get it," this is total crap.

First of all, this is the latest "news item" on the "Speaker's" website. It's from September 9.

Second, look at the banner hanging in the background. Who paid for that banner, and why does it have to proclaim it's a "Hastert" event to legitimize it?

News item: The Red Cross has raised nearly $800M to date for Katrina victims. But all the money in the world doesn't help people face to face. They still need thousands of volunteers to help out on the Gulf Coast.

How about sending some of the idle rich Kendall County GOP Ladies down there?

I think that any relative of a government official who's important enough to be able to legally monogram the hull of a God Damned Coast Guard vessel, who doesn't work for a living is good enough to wade through the muck and help the disaster-stricken poor in our country.

What about it? If this is seen as picking on poor, old Jean Hastert, maybe Mrs. Ron Bonjean (also here) might volunteer a few weeks of her time.

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