Wednesday, September 21, 2005

How Cronyism Happens

I couldn't make this up!

The "Top News" stories, selected by Netscape (viewed by millions each day on their "mynetscape" start page):

Top News
- Women's Hands Cleaner Than Men, Study Says
- Tyra Banks Proves Breasts Are Real on TV
- Rita Plows Across Gulf; Evacuations Begin
- Hornets to Play 35 Games in Oklahoma City

There is no longer a need to ever ask the question, "How did this happen?" when we watch the news at night.

The Dow is about to close off in triple digits (below 10,400 again), by the way, so we're back below scratch for this president, who wants to scrap Social Security and open a trading account for every American. The Dow opened at 10,587 on January 22, 2001, King George's first day in office.

Not a top news story, though.

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