Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Absolutely No More!

We've been reading for a couple of weeks now about President Bush appointing this "Czar" or that. A "Katrina Czar," Karl Rove is the "Reconstruction Czar," (if anyone doesn't get the irony of that title, see American History: Lincoln and the Civil War; Reconstruction) we need a new "FEMA Czar."

One of the best -- yet saddest -- phrases you could quote from a Katrina victim applies here.
    Come on, now.
No more Czars. We don't need one more "Czar" appointed by the King.

We need a Congress that does its damned job, and provides the proper screening for these political toadies and lickspittles who've been handed cherry jobs at our great expense. We need a Congress that does its damned job by providing oversight of government programs and initiatives.

And we need the CBO to start doing its job and working with a Justice Department (that could also start doing its job) and start handing out some subpoenas to find out where all the damn money is going.

We need a new party at the helm of our Legislative Branch in order for any of this to happen. No second-string Republicans need apply to take over for miserable failures of the public trust like Denny Hastert.

Your 15 minutes is about up.

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