Friday, September 09, 2005

I'll Bet He Wakes Up Happy Every Morning

...that we don't live in a parliamentary democracy, where we could call for a new election whenever we feel like it.

Instead, J. Dennis (shown here in his Crazy Guggenheim look) gets one more year to decide if he should just resign in disgrace and have the history books record that he was the WORST SPEAKER, EVER; or he could turn a new leaf and start providing some very necessary oversight on the WORST ADMINISTRATION, EVER.

Funny. I get the feeling he's never going to do either.

That means it's up to the American public to not become melded with the moron contingent, and overturn this Republican disaster of a government we have. Those in the 14th District might start here.


Philosophe Forum said...

At least the 14th has a challenger -- albeit one that remains unsupported & unrecognized by the Party. Whatever you get on Denny, make certain to send it to Ruben. 2006 is the best year for Dems to get serious about giving the GOP incumbents their walking papers. Many voluntarily promised to limit their time in Congress. Now they're reniging (e.g., Shimkus & Johson).

Coach Denny's just a puppet for the rest of the GOP. Like Shimkus, he should've never been elected in the first place.

HRC said...

I would be all for some kind of term limit, too.

Provided they're all retroactive.

Anonymous said...

How could he be the worst?
You forgot Pelosi, Bhawwaaahahahahaha
What a dick she is!!!!