Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Good thing we have our priorities straight.

Jesus. What is it with these guys and steroids?!

While I love the picture of Congressman Doublechin (Jim Sensenbrenner and Denny Hastert must be the only two member of Congress who would never be accused of having sex... in office or otherwise), this whole thing is insane.

A large swath of the fucking Gulf Coast is destroyed. Missing. And these clowns are worried about steroids in professional sports??

Not even Bush's murder of Chief Justice Rehnquist can overshadow the worst, cataclismic natural disaster on American soil. Millions have been impacted and an untold number of those are homeless or displaced. FEMA is a bigger fucking disaster that the hurricane itself. And we're supposed to be worried about steroid use in professional sports?

Anyone care for another game of Gary Condit?

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