Thursday, September 08, 2005

Cheney's Double Surfaces

A stand-in double for the late Vice President Richard B. Cheney, and his wife, Mrs. Vice President Richard B. (Lynn) Cheney, finally surfaced today and was held up in front of CNN cameras just long enough to suck all of the remaining air out of the atmosphere along Mississippi's Gulf Coast. What ensued was this.

George W. Bush announced Monday during his latest photo-op in Louisiana that he would be sending the Cheneys on Thursday, a full 10 days after the catastrophic damage was done. It has been rumored that Cheney was at an undisclosed location this past week, planning the Clusterfuck™ and Clusterfuck II™ Federal Government response to Hurricane Katrina.

In actuality, Cheney died sometime during his August vacation, presumably of a massive, horrible heart attack. Further details are no one else's business.

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