Thursday, September 08, 2005


Banana fanna bo-beema...

Springer on the Radio created a hilarious tune called "The Blame Game." I've got to get a copy of the song that almost made me wet myself in the car. It starts with cuts of all the Republicans using the talking point ("make sure you accuse Democrats for playing the 'blame game'") then goes right into one of the producers singing it to the tune of "The Name Game."

So funny, I called in... and got on the air!

If you don't listen to Springer's radio show, I truly think you're missing what may be the best radio call-in program on the air. I know, I know, the TV show. It's not at all like that. Jerry Springer is a very sharp guy with a solid political background. Being mayor of Cincinnatti is no slouch job, so his perspective has been quite interesting the past week and a half.

Anyway, very thoughtful discussions. Check it out online if you don't pick it up on an AAR affiliate.

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