Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Taking A Big Dump

Today's roulette table stock market sell-off is an indication that even the market is beginning to wake up.

Remember that rate increase passed last week by the Fed? Yep. That one... the sixteenth in a row.

Think we're going to have a problem with inflation? Oh, hell... oops.

Inflation caught everyone by surprise today! Oh, no!

Everyone but those of us who buy bread and eggs and butter and milk and gasoline (none of which are included in the CPI calculation, if you didn't know that) seems to have missed the inflation thing.

Meanwhile, Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert and his wrecking crew have just had their centerpiece tax underhaul cockily signed by the president today. That big, big tax cut you were expecting (it's tax relief "for all Americans," right)? $30 per household, on average, for 99.8 percent of America.

2/10 of one percent of the country, however, will rake in about $42,000 in tax cuts.

Hooray and a big Hi Ho-Fuck You for the rest of you who are now 50 Miles Out of the Loop.

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The Evil Reverend said...

By the sign "Tax releif for all Americans" what the president is saying is that "Americans" are those that can still afford to contribute to republican campaigns.

"The Young Republicans are here to help those with the means to help themselves" -family guy