Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dirty, God-Damned Mexicans.

Go ahead. Say it. Get used to it.

The Senate approved today a fence for a portion of the border with Mexico because we're worried that:

• People will come to the U.S. to work, without paying taxes, often for less than minimum wage, without proper documentation.
• People will "take away" jobs from Americans who might better take those great jobs (see above).
• Terrorists are brown people, and so are Mexicans, and they all look alike to fat old white guys.

I just read today that the U.S. Navy sunk a mothballed aircraft carrier to make a coral reef in the Gulf of Mexico.

Now, that's fucking genius.

So why don't we just line up a bunch of fucking old aircraft carriers and put them end-to-end on the border? We could just make the border a big fucking junk pile like Fred Sanford's front yard or something.

Sorry. Wrong ethnic slur.

Like on Chico and the Man.

What the Hell are we going to do, though, when the Canadians get brown people who can slip across their border?

Dirty, God-Damned Brown People.

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