Monday, May 15, 2006

Time For An Investigation.

It's time, once and for all, for a large-scale Congressional investigation of the Bush administration's abuses of power.

The straw that finally crushed the camel, whose back was broken when the White House began outing CIA operatives as part of their plan to push people around, is the mining of trillions of phone calls to "recognize calling patterns."

This is absolute nonsense. In conversations with my techie friends over the past weekend, every single one said this would be absolutely impossible. There is no way you can identify anyone or what they're up to by a pattern of phone activity. Unless you're after something else.

Like spying on reporters.

Now comes the story from ABC reporters Brian Ross and Richard Esposito that high-level government officials have told them to get new cell phones - and quick.

How long before we start torturing or prosecuting reporters for reporting the truth about this administration?

Where does this end, Denny? How about some oversight, once and for fucking all.

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