Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Life Is Good.

Especially when you...
• Have a pension that's equal to or greater than your current annual salary, and the hardest thing you ever had to do for it was weekend travel.
• You were able to duck the military at a time when many of your contemporaries were getting killed in uniform.
• Your two sons will never serve in the military.
• You've secured cherry jobs for same in the Money Capital you've created, so they'll never have to work hard in life. Just like you.
• You don't really have any decisions to make, because you're in a great job where you can just do what you're told by others.
• Those same cronies will protect your ass if you're found out.
• Can respond like this after a presidential edict, and not face any scrutiny or questions yourself.

1 comment:

jam6000 said...

I'm curious...how did Hastert avoid military service?