Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Thank God George W. Bush Is Our President.

Garrisson Keillor is superlative, as usual, in today's Salon. It's nice to see him take a piece out of "America's Mayor's" ass, too.

Anyobody thinking about voting for that turncoat cocksucker Rudy Guiliani should read Keillor closely from this point on. He's got Rudy's number.

And remember his signature quote from the 2004 GOP Scare-Mongering Whore Festival in NYC: "Thank God George W. Bush Is Our President."


Anonymous said...

Looky Looky Looky have been reading these posts are on and find the debate quite entertaining. What do republicans and John Laesch have in common both are delusional in their prosepects for November. Hey Johnny hope you have your bags backed when Chapa Lavia kicks your ass to the curb. For the republicans nice try but you have no hope against the democrats. At least the republicans are entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Did you here that John Laesch is supporting an alcholic for Illinois State Sentator? Yup it's true.

That just shows you how terrible he is when it comes to trusting people. He picked a jerk to run his campaign - then either fired him or the guy quit. Then hires his pussy to run the campaign.

If he becomes a congressman does that mean he's going to hire Bin Laden as a page?


Denny said...

Where are you at, HRC? I miss your sweet lips.

Bridget said...

Yeah, Denny misses you apparently.

Come back!

Anonymous said...

Cut the crap out about Frank Craig he is a good guy! The Majority of the people here at 50 miles support him in his effort to unseat Chris Lauzen. The John Laesch press machine can stop the lies. To Mr. Laesch you are a petty little person who couldn't carry frank craigs gym bag. Frank has something you will never have and that is class and morals.

Tomas Payton said...

I am supporting Frank Craig I live in Kendall County and met him at the county fair. I found him to be quite informed and up to date on the issues that matter to the County and his district. I was dumb founded when I heard from several people here in the county about his blog. Reading the postings here I wanted to reply about the postive experince I had with Frank. I have met John Laesch and have not made up my mind yet if I will vote for him. Personally that is my bussiness and I will decide in the next few weeks. However back to the point I am supporting Frank Craig and that is about it.

TimothyWaloctt said...

The speaker of the House will be near impossible to beat, but 32-year-old navy vet John Laesch is hitting the road to convert voters one handshake at a time.

By Harold Henderson | Photo by Flynn

THE 14TH CONGRESSIONAL District of Illinois stretches west from the fast-spreading sprawl of Kane and Kendall counties past Northern Illinois University in De Kalb and the Ronald Reagan home in Dixon to the eastern suburbs of the Quad Cities on the Mississippi. Like congressional districts everywhere, its boundaries were drawn for one purpose only: to help the incumbent win.

Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert, who has represented the 14th in its various permutations since 1986, may not need the help. In 2004 he raised $5 million while his opponent, Ruben Zamora, made do with $18,000. Since he first won the seat, Hastert has never been seriously challenged, doubling or tripling his opponents’ vote totals and running ahead of the ticket.

Nevertheless, 32-year-old Democrat Jonathan “John” Laesch is playing David to Hastert’s Goliath this election year. He’s a Jeep-driving navy veteran, the son of Lutheran missionaries and brother of a GI currently on duty in Iraq, and an aggressive, confident campaigner with a door-to-door strategy. He may be a long shot, but a Democratic victory here would be an upset of biblical proportions. After Laesch won the Democratic nomination over Zamora in the March primary, Hastert’s campaign office wasn’t concerned—even in Aurora, the most Democratic part of the district, Hastert drew more votes in his uncontested primary than were cast for Laesch and Zamora combined in theirs.

Still, Hastert has spent the last five years carrying water for a president and a set of policies that are now pretty unpopular. And unlike John Kerry in 2004, Laesch isn’t going to put anyone to sleep. “My life philosophy is, do unto others as you would have done unto you,” he told Air America radio host Sam Seder in February. “This is drastically different from the current Republican Party, which I think views things as ‘Let’s do it to them before they do it to us.’”

Laesch favors national health insurance over expensive and complicated partial fixes like the Republicans’ Medicare prescription- drug plan (which Hastert got through the House in November 2003 by holding the 15-minute roll call vote open for an unprecedented three hours until enough arms were twisted). A position paper says next year’s Democratic Congress—that’s Laesch’s prediction—should take the lead in turning the nation’s energy policy around by sponsoring a “$5 million contest for scientists, students, inventors and engineers to design an alternative fuel energy efficient engine.” Locally, he opposes the proposed Prairie Parkway, which would run north-south through farmland in western Kane and Kendall counties for about 30 miles and link I-88 and I-80. Usually local pork is a winner, but Laesch believes this issue will be Hastert’s Achilles’ heel.

A Brother in the Gulf

CANDIDATE JOHN LAESCH served in the Persian Gulf from 1996 to 1999, and his younger brother Pete is now in Baghdad. In a letter forwarded by his brother, Pete explained that in 2004 “the economy stank, my fiancee was getting testy, my LSAT scores were not exactly brilliant, and neither was my GPA. I decided to go back in the Army.” Doing his job but no fan of this particular war, he began snapping pictures wherever he happened to be in Iraq. He sent John an image of a disarmed bomb in an Iraqi junkyard that might once have been attached to a MIG aircraft. On it someone had spray painted, “WEAPON OF DESTRUCTION.”

John suggested that he take more pictures of GI messages, and now Pete has hundreds. Most are graffiti on tanks and walls. Some are political: “MAKE POLITICIANS DEPLOYABLE.” The vast majority, Pete says, are personal: words to sweethearts or family members, commemorations of missed birthdays and anniversaries, and “at least two wedding proposals.”

Home on leave, Pete showed a few dozen slides at his brother’s May 11 fund-raiser at the Fisherman’s Inn in Elburn. John posted some at, where he regularly blogs as a diarist and “trusted user.” He thinks the photos could become a book or an art show. Pete would prefer to follow up someday by looking for the soldiers who wrote them. “My fascination with this place,” he says, “is the intersection of so many lives in such an odd, alienlike place in the world.”

His brother adds, “Pete looks to take care of the individual, and I am out to stop the war.”

--Harold Henderson

It wasn’t local issues that drew Laesch into politics. A veteran of U.S. naval intelligence, he was puzzled when he heard that we might invade Iraq. The claims about its weapons of mass destruction didn’t square with what he’d learned about the region during his tour of duty there from 1996 to ’99, and it appeared to him that the administration’s case relied on dubious informants. His first thought was to reenlist and help straighten out the intelligence. Then he heard Secretary of State Colin Powell’s UN speech in February 2003 and realized that the flawed evidence came from the top. In his mind the Bush administration was spouting “UFO intelligence”: “There’s a light in the sky, therefore they must be little green men, and therefore they must be coming to get us.”

Laesch would have Congress investigate the Bush case for war. “If that investigation shows that they misled the country or lied, then ‘impeachment’ should be the first word in everyone’s mouth.”

As for the current mess, he thinks we should recognize that the only thing Iraqis agree on is that they want our soldiers out, and we should negotiate a flexible timetable with their government for leaving. The U.S. should be promoting regional disarmament instead of rattling nuclear sabers at Iran, he says, with the caveat that we do need to have a force nearby in case real trouble breaks out. In his experience, the military was a brotherhood and a chance to learn, “but the guy driving the machine needs a new job.” Laesch is backing Wisconsin’s senator Russell Feingold for president in 2008.

No surprises here—a me-too Democrat in the Joe Lieberman mold wouldn’t be spending time and money on a long-shot race like this. But Laesch aims to blend his unabashedly liberal positions with personal crossover appeal. Having hoisted more than a few bales of hay during high school in Kendall County, he enjoys campaigning in the most rural and most Republican parts of the district. “Out there it’s who you are that matters.”

His strategy’s been pieced together from a stint as a labor organizer for the Service Employees International Union, from reading the blogs of political activists across the country, and from the Republicans’ technologically sophisticated get-out-the- vote efforts in 2004 battlegrounds like Ohio. Earlier this year he helped overthrow what he calls a “stagnant” Democratic Party leadership in Kendall County. The new party machinery now claims to have precinct committeemen in 47 of the county’s 64 precincts, though bad feelings linger from the changeover and from Laesch’s primary battle with Zamora. Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, an NIU alum and the uber-blogger of, has described Laesch as a “living example” of the recommendations he and Jerome Armstrong made in their book Crashing the Gate: Netroots, Grassroots, and the Rise of People-Powered Politics. Zuniga summarized them on his blog: “Organize locally, take over moribund Democratic Party organizations, and leave no district behind. Challenge everyone, everywhere.”

According to Laesch’s version of this strategy, a 21st-century precinct committeeman’s job is not to mass-mail canned propaganda or inflict robo-calls on local residents. It’s to organize a doorto- door campaign, talking to voters one at a time and noting the results of every conversation. The information feeds into the campaign database, allowing workers to contact sympathetic voters as needed and remind them on election day why it’s important that they vote. Laesch’s laptop displays a precinct-by-precinct breakdown of the district. (“Here in Aurora is a precinct that’s 65 percent Democratic, but it had only a 45 percent turnout.”) Person-toperson politics with high-tech backup is the way to improve turnout, he believes. John Kerry got 125,000 votes in the district (44 percent) in 2004. “We need to find those people,” he said— and the thousands of new voters moving out to Kane and Kendall counties. What are his chances of winning? “It depends on how much money I can raise.” He figures he needs half a million to make the race; so far he’s raised less than a tenth of that, and most of it has been spent.

Laesch is one of several dozen recent veterans running for Congress as Democrats. For most of these “fighting Dems” it’s their first foray into politics, and most face uphill battles. Laesch has met them at gatherings in D.C., where he also met Max Cleland, a Vietnam veteran, triple amputee, and former Georgia Democratic senator who in 2002 lost to a Republican challenger who ran TV ads linking him with Saddam and Osama—so he knows what he could face if the race gets close. He’s also aware that he can help his fellow candidates win or lose: a serious challenge might limit Hastert’s ability to help Republicans elsewhere.

For those outside the Beltway who think the country needs a 180-degree turn, “challenge everywhere” sounds like common sense. (After all, Karl Rove made a career of attacking the opposition at its strongest point.) But will Illinois and national Democratic power brokers back this long shot? Does Mayor Daley even want them to? Does Daley want to cross a speaker of the House who has supported his O’Hare expansion plan?

Illinois has two popular Democratic senators who aren’t facing reelection campaigns in 2006. Dick Durbin and Barack Obama have campaigned with Laesch’s fellow “fighting Dem,” L. Tammy Duckworth, who’s running for an open seat in the adjacent Sixth District. Their political action committees each gave her campaign $10,000 in December, before she’d even won the primary. That doesn’t mean they’ll help Laesch.

He doesn’t seem daunted by the possibility that he may be left to his own devices: “All it means for me is I have to think creatively and differently.”
This is what we are going to to Denny!!!!

bobsparlo said...

I have met John Laesh. I supported Rueben Zamora in the primary. he came to my home and we talked. I found Rueben to be very passionate and right in line with my progressive ideals. However, after Rueben lost the primary, I was going to give up on politics here in Kendall county until a bright young man came to my door one day and we talked. he & the young man with him talked with me for about an hour-I invited him in and gave him a glass of ice tea. During the course of our conversation, I explained to him just how passioniate I am about revitalizing the america dream and getting rid of Dennis Hastert. He had 3 stages of his plan: 1. He felt that it was important to overthrough and challenge the local democratic parties. In his opinion, nothing was being accomplished. In order to have a stronger democratic presence-it starts from the top down. he compared his vision for the local democratic party and stated that he would be running his campaign a lot like john F Kennedy ran his campaign. I was in awe of this young man. THe Second part of his plan was to increase visability and he felt that he would challenge people within his own party if need be. The different between him and Rueben is that John will do whatever course is neccessary in order to get results. I was a little taken a back by his approach. But as he explained "the guy driving the machine needs a new job", meaning that the working families of the 14th distict needed a strong advocate, who would go and fight for them. As a veteran, a christian and an american, John was the man to do the job. He explained to me that he needed money to fight this "david vs goliath" race, and I was extremely surprizes to find out that he would be donating 20% of all the money he raises to veterans causes- One program in particulture that he was very proud of. The third part of his plan was to generate all the interest using all the campaigns in the district and that my harnessing all this and putting it into himself, we could have the strongest voice against Denny. Without his help, the democratic party could not succeed. We then discussed his diferences with Mr Zamora and he explained that Mr Zamora was supporting him. After hearing this bright & fresh ideas, I decided its time to become and advocate on behalf of the democratic progressive ideals. I find it very troubling, after hearing about this blog from John, the inuendo & whispering campaigns that are taking place here. I just wanted to set the record straight on John's behalf.

blabbermouth said...

Mr. Bobsparlo,

Thanks for your post. It helps to see your reasoning. I would just like to point out a couple things for your consideration.

You wrote, "The different between him and Rueben is that John will do whatever course is neccessary in order to get results." Did Mr. Laesch tell you about all the dirty campaign tricks and mudsliging he used against Mr. Zamora (i.e, "whatever course is necessary.")? Did he tell you about any one of the unethical behaviors he exhibited in the primary? I'm guessing not.

You're entitled to your opinion, but if I wanted someone who would take "whatever course necessary" regardless of the people he was trashing, I'd vote for Denny. I don't need a dem to make up dirt on other dems and win by cheating. That's just wrong.

"...he explained that Mr Zamora was supporting him." Of course Mr. Laesch would say that. He'd say almost anything if he thought it would get him elected. Has Mr. Zamora told you he was supporting Mr. Laesch? Exactly how is Mr. Zamora allegedly supporting Mr. Laesch? Mr. Zamora has been vocal about supporting qualified, upstanding, local candidates, but I don't recall Mr. Laesch being included in that list. You're welcome to prove me wrong (i.e., if you can prove Mr. Laesch is indeed included in Mr. Zamora's list).

Afterall, though it's laughable, Mr. Laesch recently (yes, months after the primary, going into the general) accused Mr. Zamora's advisor and friend of being "HRC." This is just one of the childish shenanigans that leads me not to vote for Mr. Laesch. We can do better. Does anyone really believe Zamora supporters have nothing better to do than spread rumors about Mr. Laesch? They're true Americans who are out there working on other campaigns to make ours a better country that we'll be proud to pass down to our children.

If you've read any posts on this blog, you'll see that before Mr. Laesch came along, HRC loved nothing better than railing on our dear speaker Denny. Why would this blog just all of a sudden start digging up the dirt on Mr. Laesch and his underlings/overlords? Maybe there's some truth there.

Mr. Laesch talks a good talk. I know, I've fallen for it, too, but it's just talk. He's been caught in his lies. I'm just sick of it, and I can't wait till this is over.

bobsparlo said...

My interaction with John Laesch was honest and open debate. We talked about what happended during the primary and the way it was explained was Mr. Zamora was going to stand aside and support John. All the nonsense about the other stuff is water under the bridge. I supported Ruben in the primary and still support him John is fresh and full of enegry that we will need to carry us to victory. John has hundreds of people working for him and I stand ready to do my part. With men like Karl Rove calling the shots we need people who are willing to fight fire with fire. The ends are justifying the means. John has the support of the community and john has cross over appeal. Let stop the fighting and work to get john elected we need a new speaker and defeating hasert will sfford us that luxry.

Anonymous said...

Who said anything about Frank Craig? And While we're at it, why is Laesch considered "Veteran"

He wasn't in any war. If he's a vet then Ronald Reagan was a vet - Not!

Anonymous said...

Yes, We need a new speaker but not Laesch. He's weak. He's not a good judge of horse flesh and he's not very savy.

Bridget said...

You know, this is the second time that I have read from Laesch supporters that beating Hastert will get us a new Speaker. Do you folks realize that if hell freezes over and John Laesch beats Hastert that he will not become the Speaker? That beating Hastert doesn't give Laesch the Speaker title? Do ya'll understand that the Democrats need a majority in the House before they can appoint a Speaker and that a first term Congressman would only be their 435th choice?

By the way, I think it's hilarious that John would go around telling voters that Ruben supports him. About as hilarious as Laesch Kool-aid drinkers posing as "average voters" on this blog. Nice try but no cigar.

HRC, where the fuck are you?

bob sparlo said...

Lets us not split hairs the we with the John Laesch campagin feel that it is imporant to retire Denny. After all change somes from within and we think that John has proven himself battled tested and ready for the change. Kendall County Democrats are changing the way bussiness as usual. Most of the people here think like I do that John has a chance. Lets move forward and work together. Bury the past there isa dawn of a new day and John Laesch will help us.

Anonymous said...

So nobody knows why Laesch is calling himself a veteran?

dekalbprogressive said...

John is a progressive patriot who is a decent an honest man. If you people want to contiue to ruin a good decent man then that is ok because another great man rose above his doubters to become a leader among men to. His name was John Kennedy. John will rise above the challenges and will deliver us to victory have a nice day!!! Because we are siging up new people all over the district and we will win in november.

Ruben K. Zamora said...

Dear Mr. Sparlo,

I would like to clarify something.
I do not support John nor his associates in the Kendall County Progressive organization.

I abhor his attempt to "out" anyone, especially a close friend of mine, and in my opinion, one of the most sincere persons that I have ever met.

With "the evil I know versus the evil I do not know," I will vote appropriately.

bobsparlo said...

I respect the dedication and commiteement you made to your run. Lets rember the imporant things you stood for in that historic run of 2004. You comand and have earned the respect of allot people here in the 14th district. I supported you in the primary and felt if I had to do it again I would with out even thinking. However I see there is a fundmental differnce between John Laesch and the folks here in Kendall County and the republicans. When speaking with John about you and your supporters I find him to be only full of amdimartion of you. He speaks of a warm and thoughtful person that I know you are. As to the history of the problems here in kendall county and how it affects this race is pass say. My understanding is that the outing of your close friend was an over sight on John's part. Please understand that John was trying to make a point of defense and one of honor. John was only trying to bring a light of truth to a dark place. I do not condone his actions only can see where frustration and anger after people lied about him for months. I hope that you will rethink your postion and join me in supporting John. America deserves a change and John can help bring change. I live in Kendall County and am new to all this stuff. I only feel that with change comes promise and the Progressive Democrats here in Kendall County and John Laesch are changing things for the better. With your help and dedication we can join forces and end the evil empire of corruprtion. Thank you for your honest post and God bless you sir.

Anonymous said...

John Laesch ain't no John Kennedy. I would liken him to Dan Quayle. You're fool to make a comparison like that and so is Laesch for allowing it. Another reason not to vote for Laesch. By the way, is he for term limits? Because with the ego that's being thrown out here, I smell a quest for a career in congress and that won't fly.

Laesch is a looser and reminds me an awfull lot like Dan Quayle

Anonymous said...

I'm missing something here. Who was Laesch trying to out and why?

I think Laesch is as bad as Hastert and his campaign is dirty - I 've seen it - first hand.

timothywalcott said...

You people should be ashamed of yourselves and have your mouth washed out with soap. John Laesch is am American Patriot who's only motive in all this is to serve you the people and restore power from wall street to main st. You people have done nothing but attack a bright and rising poltical star. This Young man you attack served his country and has been the model american. It surprises me that all people want to do is attack what is a postive change for us in Washington. John has my full support we are going to change the way things are done here in the 14th. We are ready to fight for our country and John is our leader. Through his leadership we will make a differnce. New people everyday are stopping by our headquaters saying what can do to restore the american dream. With Johns election he will clense all the misfortunes of the people. John will make history and we will have a strong voice in Washington.

Tom Brophy said...

I needed to take a moment and chime in here - this also give the anon folks an opportunity for the Brophy bashing.....

I voted for Ruben Zamora in 2004 and Ruben was supported by those who have since made up the Progressive Dems in Kendall County. I've NEVER heard anyone say a bad thing about Ruben Zamora. I personnally think he's an honorable man and I believe that his agenda and John Laesch's agenda are very much the same. If I remember correctly (and I admit I'm an old guy), Ruben Zamora said so himself (to me). I worked hard for Reben in 2004 and I will work equally as hard for John Laesch in 2006.

I find it very interesting that NOBODY at the state or federal level of the Democratic party has stepped up to say "vote for John Laesch". I think Madigan should be ashamed of himself....Daley should be ashamed of himself....both Obama and Durbin should be ashamed of themselves...Rahm Emanuel should just go hide in a corner somewhere. None of these guys have had the courage to step up for Laesch because they are all afraid that if the position of Speaker of the House leaves Illinois, they won't get crap out of DC. I find it shameful that Democrats who don't even live in Kendall County can have such a large impact on OUR election just by keeping silent.

The guy is the candidate that was elected by the Democratic voters of the 14th Congressional Disctrict. I intend no disrespect for Ruben Zamora, in fact, I have nothing but respect for him, but for Pete's sake (I'm trying to be nice for a change)'s time to move on. I can't believe that Democrats would want to keep Hastert in office...THE GUY HASN'[T DONE A DAMN THING FOR KENDALL COUNTY! He's done tons of crap for folks all over the country...what has he done for Kendall County. NOTHING!!!

We all know and understand that Laesch will be considered lower than the lowest whale shit on the bottom of the ocean when he's elected - SO WHAT! At least he will have a voice and he'll be OUR VOICE. I am absolutely certain that Denny Hastert DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME OR ANY OTHER WORKING PERSON IN THE 14TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT. Hell, he hasn't even done anything for agriculture industry which is huge in this district. I don't understand why he's so popular.

Regarding Mark Blackman - I know him too - he's another very good man - dumb move on the Laesch part. the beauty of this is that John recognizes that and has said so - I don't think that Hastert is capable of saying he was wrong.

So, here we go again folks, only now it's cruch time. It's time to get Democrats elected - that includes JOHN LAESCH, FRANK CRAIG, LINDA HOLMES, JOE SERRA, JOYHN CRAWFORD, ARDEN PLOCHER, ELIZABETH FLOWERS, KEN MUSICH, AND RUBY GREGG. What is REALLY GREAT HERE is this - not only is John Laesch gaining serious momentum in his campaign, but so are Frank Craig and Linda Holmes. I'll bet we have 2 new DEMOCRATIC Senators in the State Legislature soon!

Tom Brophy

Political Insider said...

Tom, Tom, Tom..

What can I say. The reason that JL isn't seeing the love maybe due to the fact that NOBODY OTHER THAN A BUNCH OF SELF RIGHTIOUS ASSHOLES are behind him? He's a fool and a tool. Sure Hastert is bad representative, but even JL's own internal numbers show that The Speaker will be re-elected hands-down.

Perhaps if you spent less time defending the prick and more time working for the other races they may have a shot.

But then again, they may not want people as delusional as yourself working with them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brophy quit eating the paint chips. Sober up and face facts November will be succesful for democrats however since John Laesch is really all you and the stupid progressives care about. Take him and shove him where the sun don't shine. Because you old song and dance act here sucks. Glad to see everyones favorite waterboy is still a fan.

Justhonestly said...

Political Insider is right we have to focus on other campaigns. Laesch has monopolized enough resources in this area. Frank Craig needs help & Joe Serra needs help too. These are two very nice guys and very good candidates. They really could use your help.

Why not call them and offer your support?

P.S. RE: Brophy, can you say cult like atmosphere?

Bridget said...

HRC, I'll say it again, where the hell are you? You've been gone for a week. I miss your snark.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom you know what nice is when you finally shut your mouth and move out of kendall county. Oh yeah tell robyn here is a quater for that rat to knaw that thing off her face. Fuck You Tom and have a nice day

Anonymous said...

Please for give our dust we are setting up a new website over at the Headquaters and wanted to share the goodnews.

Submitted by john on Mon, 08/31/06 - 1:00am.
I am pleased to announce that thanks to your support, I am one of eight candidates selected from across the country to be part of Senator Russ Feingold’s Progressive Patriots Fund's "Pick a Progressive Patriot" event.

From your nominations, Senator Feingold has selected eight candidates running against Republican incumbents. Whichever candidate receives the most votes will receive a $5000 contribution from the Progressive Patriots Fund, as well as national name recognition, which is something we need in order to receive assistance at the national level.

On-line voting will decide the candidate whom Feingold’s Progressive Patriots Fund will support. It will only take a minute to vote by visiting the following link:

This race against Dennis Hastert is winnable, but every little bit helps.

Let’s show America that you support a new direction for our great nation: removing the current Speaker of the House will send the strongest message that Americans are ready for change!
John I voted for you five times that two better than you gave last night stud.

Anonymous said...

WTF? Is that the whore speaking?

Anonymous said...

Jesus H Christ!

What will it take to get some real Democrats here in Kendall County?

John Laesch is a joke (and possibly nuts)

Tom B is certifiable

and the current party leaders have decided that they don't need to fund-raise (except for having Jim F bully the unions for contributions), don't want to register voters because they might register a future Republican, and endorse a tax referendum AGAINST the wishes of it's supporters.

What happened to our party? Where did these folks come from, the Re-Elect Dennis Hastert campaign?

Dallas, you're a genius!!!!!
(sorry, never been able to spell)

Hey Feely, I'm posting anon and you can't prove who I am!

Anonymous said...

Who the hell cares who you are and who the hell is Jim Feeley?

Bridget said...

John Laesch isn't on the list for the next round of Progressive Patriots Fund. What the hell are you talking about?

Tom Brophy said...

Sounds to me like another one of the anon's is making shit up again - the voting was closed prior to the date of this post. I really enjoy the way cowards make stuff up, post it under someone elses name, and get it all wrong. You folks (the anon's that is) never cease to prove what cowards you truly are.

Can you spell H O N O R??

Anonymous said...

Wow...Kendall County politics is truly pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Tom you can't handle the truth you use words like honor, freedomn, service. To people like you thse are just punch lines you use at cocktail parties. No Tom if you really were ab honorable man then you would tell the truth. Allot of people here Tom just want the truth from JL not some contrived story but the truth. JL owes the public just come clean about the lies and false misleading's. Tom the truth will set you free!!!!

Bridget said...

Christ, you've all gone and lost your marbles. Seriously.

At least Tom has the balls to post under his real name and be all hostile.

Tom, by the way I am pretty damn sure that John Laesch never called up Mark Blackman to apologize. Mark and I are good friends.

That's really the only "sorry, I was wrong" that matters. In fact, I have never heard anything about him saying it was wrong of him to do what he did. He brought my name up in his little diatribe and I haven't heard a fucking thing from him, either. It's not like I'm hard to get ahold of. My email address is all over the damn place. His girlfriend has emailed me before looking for volunteer staff from my lists, so I know they have it.

Anonymous said...

Just like that weasel kick a man when he's down then ask if it's ok if he steals his wallet that is the christian thing to do. To Tom Brophy get it through your head whack job grow up after all your candiate is full of honor right.

Anonymous said...

I've voted Democrat my whole life, but after reading all this shit, I'll vot straight GOP as long as I'm stuck in Kendall County.

You people are a joke.

Kevin Fitzpatrick said...

It's the Candidate and his lies that are the joke. I wouldn't blame you at all for voting Republican. I myself will abstain from voting for the congressional race in the 14th. I will vote for Craig, & Serra because they're honest well mean individuals and Serra has some really good ideas, but I won't vote for Laesch.

Anonymous said...

Hey, look on the bright side. After Nov 7 all this nonsence will be over and we can get back to the task of bashing Hastert.

Anonymous said...

This is a bunch of bull shit vote don't vote who really cares JL is a pussy and hope Denny kicks his ass.

Tom Brophy said...

To Bridget - you're right, John should have apologized - in this case, that's not a sign of weeknedd (my words, not his). I actually haven't talked with him about that bone headed move - I just asked him what the hell he was thinking....

At any rate, I know Mark and Ellen are good people. I think John does too. I don't know what else to say about that - it was a bod move and we all know it - I'm sure John won't answer any of this in this forum - hopefully, he will (or has already done) offline or in person. Either way, I really can't speak for him. What I do know is that I will still vote for him and the rest of the Democratic ticket in Kendall County. The simple fact remains that Hastert has done NOTHING for Kendall county and it's time he moves back to his spread in Plano. We don't need him in Washington DC.

60 days will be here in no time - I still believe John Laesch will get 51% in my precinct. I'll bet we have a few Democrats elected this time around - WHAT A SHOCK FOR KENDALL COUNTY.

Ya gotta love change!

Political Insider said...

Umm, tom..

Your now in a new precint that is prodominately republican. There is a tax referendum on the ballot asking the heavily over-taxed people of CUSD 308 to approve a $1/2 BILLION bond. Even you have said that your taxes are way too high already.

Even a simpleton can see that the republicans will be the ones going to the polls in droves to vote down this proposed tax hike.

The coat tail effect will NOT run in JDL's favor.

If you can get either half of your precinct (4 or 30) to give him 40% then you are a precinct GOD, 35% means you're the hardest working committeeperson in Illinois history, and 30% means you've done your job extreamly well.

I think you're nuts, but have flashes of hard work. My money is on 28% combined (higher in 4 and lower in 30).

JDL may get 51% in one of the Kendall/Aurora precincts where county wide democratic canidates have carried there before, but I wouldn't put any money on it.

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Tom is looking forward to having that chat uniongal as are the rest of the progressives.

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tom Brophy said...

Political need to do a bit more homework. Precinct 4 is not yet populated - it covers The area East of 30 and most of the Brighton Meadows subdivision 30 takes in all of Ogden Falls, the Estates of Ogden Falls and Churchill Club. That is what was 90% of old Oswego 4 and that precinct got 42% for Zamora 2 years ago. I expect to do better this time for Laesch (keep your sights high). Regarding the next bond issue - I'll work on that after the General Election in November. You are correct though, 90% of the folks within Oswego 30 and now 4 believe their taxes are to high - particlularly the retired folks who live in the condo's and townhomes in Ogden Falls - those living on fixed incomes. It's a damn shame!

Union gal - I would really love to meet you. From reading your posts here (and in other places) I k ow you've attended those meetings - but really don't know who you are (then again, I've never really tried to figure it out either). I'm open for talk any time! Personnally, I don't think you will introduce yourself to me as "union gal" - I'll be surprised if you do.

At any rate, I hope to meet you at the KCD meeting - WE'LL SEE.

Tom Brophy said...

Political insider...I need to make one clarification regarding the upcoming school referendum. I said I will wait until AFTER the General Election...I mean exactly that. This referendum is calling for more school money to be allocated without increasing the tax base (something we said they should have been doing all along). The reason I said I will go work on that after this election is because I'm sure the superintendent will be working on a spring referendum that will attempt to increase the tax base (again). I'm all for funding our schools and the kids who use them (mine still use them), however, we need to be smarter in the the way we do business...again, something that will require work after November.

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uniongal....I am looking forward to meeting you and having a discussion. This is good!