Monday, August 21, 2006

Hastert Getting Dis'ed By Conservatives.

At the end of this whackjob Conservative Voice piece about Jan Schakowsky, there is a clear Conservative voice dissing Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert for his role in derailing the other whackjobs in Congress on illegal immigration.


So why is it that the Democratic candidate can't even muster more than 33% (his own poll numbers) among registered Democrats? Of course, the poll was taken back in July, before Laesch had a chance to make an even bigger jackass of himself (which, as usual, made him the laughingstock among voters of all stripes).


TimothyWalcott said...

These are not true numbers for John Laesch the numbers I saw him at were in the mid forties according to the phone bank records I was doing. What is your problem with John Laesch I find him to be a great guy with allot promise. I see nothing but the up side to having a change. I got involved with John because he promises great things. To day I was a a healthcare rally infront of hasert with a group of the kendall county progressive council and all they wanted to talk about is the need for change in our goverment a place where we all can have our voice heard. I for one am here to defend John and will not run away from a challenge.

Anonymous said...

Here is another exciting e-mail from the man the myth the legend JL.
Dear Supporters and Friends,
I want to welcome anyone who might be new to this e-mail list. Within the last week, over 100 new people have signed up to Take America in a New Direction.

Tomorrow we will be sending out a long list of events that we need everyone's help with, but right now I need your help with something simple.

If you will follow the link below and scroll to the bottom of the list of names and make John Laesch your DCCC write-in candidate, we will move one step closer to receiving more funding from Washington.
Thanks again for your support and look for tomorrow's list of events and the start of our sprint towards November 7th!
John Laesch
John Laesch for Congress
P.O. Box 481
Yorkville, Il 60560
This is pretty pathetic the guy has told people that he has the backing of the dccc and now he wants to be a write in candiate. Hey John do us all a favor take you and your band of mistfits and leave. The only constructive thing you offer is dead space. When you lose the only person you have to blame is yourself. Can Hardly wait until 08 and we can have a real candiate.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Walcott, you're either delusional or blind. Either way, we don't need John Laesch and his little band of idiots -- they're petty, misdirected, and offer no concrete plans for anything. Take your money & spend it elsewhere -- Laesch is a loser.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, John Laesch is a waste of resources and an embarassment to the party. It's too bad that his little groupies have truly been drinking the Koolaid.

I'll look forward to kicking Laesch's ass from here to China in the 2008 primary. Because we all know he's going to try and embarass us all again.