Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I Have Returned.

Once again, I've enjoyed the comments and a number of emails. Thanks to the many fine readers who asked "where the fuck" I was. I do appreciate the hell out of it.

Just returned from LA last night, after which I just drove around all night listening to Jerry Jeff Walker's LA Freeway. Cried my eyes dry. I've been there, off and on for the past three weeks. And I have hair on my arms. There. Now the Laeschians can go bananas again trying to figure out who the fuck I am.

Truthfully, I've made my whereabouts unkown for strictly personal reasons, as a major meltdown has occurred locally which has had me in a funk for some time. And I do have hair on my arms. There, again, is more proof that I am a man (with great tits) named Mark Blackman.

And I tried to keep up with 50MO, but blogging while trying to keep myself on the by-and-by on a fucking four-and-a-half hour flight to LA, while trying to hide from a shiftless God-Damnable psycho and stay somewhat coherent got to be a full-fucking-time job.

I'm just wondering when John Laesch is going to be honest and say who HRC really is. Laesch doesn't have tits, but he certainly is a world-class pussy, having fucked a decent man by "outing" him and then not apologizing publicly for being an oafish dolt. And a pussy who's blown a hundred grand of your money being a jackass every day since last Christmas. Maybe it started before that.

That's right. I'm John Laesch. And I do this to get attention and respect. Two things I desperately crave.

OK. Enough. I should've slept on the flight.

There is some fun in the old mailbag, gentle readers... I'll share after a little nap. Gotta skate out of here again before 5.


Kankakee Voice said...

wooooooo HOOOOOOO! Glad you are back. It's boring as hell here in blogland without you - man, woman, animal, vegetable or mineral. I don't care what you are as long as you are back.

Have you checked out Laesch's latest on dkos. I was going to draw attention to it, but after I read it, I actually felt sorry for how clueless the guy is. People will read it for themselves.

Simply amazing said...

I Will
Our internal mole

says that they do have internal polling... which has us doing... OK:)

So tomorrow morning Denny's office is going to be buzzing with a "purge the Laesch volunteer" efforts that involve fingerprinting and wiretapping:)

Cheers guys!
Democratic Congressional Candidate (IL CD 14) www.john06.com Why yes, yes I am running against the Speaker of the House :)

by John Laesch on Mon Sep 04, 2006 at 08:57:46 PM PDT

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Anonymous said...

i wish serra had stayed in or zamora had won.

Anonymous said...

Great to have you back and that Lasesch guy is a little pussy with a reality problem. Good thing we have old Tom Brophy around to help keep the record straight. Hey Feeley if you are reading this go fuck a duck you fat asshole. OOPS I am anonymous and Feeley will find me!!!!!

Philosophe Forum said...

Like it's anyone's damn business where the fuck ya been!!

Ditto what KV says & damn glad to have ya back!!!

Anonymous said...


here's the link to mr. laesch's post at dkos. i've been on the fence about the guy until now, but this diary definitely makes me see what ya'll are talking about. he sounds like a 12 year-old who just took a "how to run a campaign class" and he wants to get brownie points for throwing around words he learned to get a pat on the head from mommy.

the scary thing is the guy has raised more money than probably the previous five Dems to run for the seat. can we please find someone who can raise money and isn't a total wanker? please?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, "50"!

I use a Mach 3 razor--expensive blades, though.

I just read some of the Laesch crap from DKos! Even more reason to avoid that group!

Anyway, glad you're back.

Bridget said...
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Bridget said...

YAY! I'm glad you're back! I'm sorry to hear that life has been rough for you lately :(. Go watch my Bollywood Fridays and you'll feel better ;).

What a Maroon said...

This is the most embarassing comment in the kos post

We all know that Denny has become increasingly worried about his own race in addition to losing his seat as Speaker.

Several days ago I was working through my fundraising list (dialing for dollars) and I stepped outside after grabbing a quick lunch. I was chatting with the fundraiser, David, when Denny's red pick-up, tailed by a black SUV rolled past the office. As they sped off I hopped into my Jeep to confirm my suspicions that Denny was stalking our office. Sure enough he hopped out of his red truck several blocks away to buy a hot dog at the Yorkville Park.

Anonymous said...

JDL as he likes to be called is really going to lose his mind over the next few weeks as reality sets in that he has nothing left the only move left is defeat in november and a lifetime of of regret. Hope he likes where he is going and that is no place. Good Luck to JDL on his future prospects garbage collector, working at the zoo, director of house keeping at the one night stop motel in newark. JDL thanks for helping to playing hear if you can not be the republicans then join them oh wait you already are a republican. Have a great day a geek fest in nowhere ville you goof.

Political Insider said...

I just read the KOS comments..


I didn't know that eating paint chips had become the liberal replacement for a good joint.

He really thinks he has a chance. That is quite stunning.

There is a pool going on in these parts trying to guess what percentage of the vote JDL will actually get in Kendall County. I'm was going to put my money on 27%, but since the latest school referendum asking for $450,000,000 is now on the district 308 ballots, I'm dropping my bet to 24%

Any takers?

SteveO'Brian said...

I say he will win; why is denny is concerned about John that he has to drive by his office. Our campagin is really heating up and we are going to move forward on our drive for victory. We have assembled a great staff and support our the community at every function people are telling us we stand with you it is time to retire the speaker. John is working hard on behalf of all of us and we will be succesful.

Very Funny said...

So what you are saying is that the Speaker needs to change the place to have his fifth meal of the day, just to appease JDL

You guys are nucking futs

Bridget said...

"I didn't know that eating paint chips had become the liberal replacement for a good joint."

LMFAO!!!! It's the damn truth.

Why the hell is John spending so much time on the blogs anyway? If he was campaigning so hard he wouldn't have time.

MarthaAlec said...

John Laesch is not spending time on the blogs he is out on the doors we all you should be. We have an imporant election in November you people are losing sight of what is imporant and that is winning. We are hard at work trying to make this happen. We are fund rasing and working with the dully elected party, the progressive community, and Labor to build a stronger future for all Americans. We are taking on the hard issues that matter like the war in Iraq, ending corruption in goverment, standing up for our veterans, taking the vending machines out of the schools so the kids have a better diet, Standing up for family values and returning god to the schools. These are not republican issues these are progressive issues. I am sick and tires of the lies about John the other shoe is going to drop for hasert and we will win in november. Our vote for speaker will be James Conyers and we will have leadership in this country we can be proud of. John is going to win we will carry areas that nobody thinks we will carry. History will be made and Denny will go to prision. We will conquer and take that hill progressive patriots across the nation are ready take up the cause on election day we will have 3000 of our brothers in action here for John and we will win. Denny is afraid and we will not rest until Justice has been served. We answer to a higher authority than Denny Hasert. We have been chosen!!!!

amazing said...

and then you will wake up

ugh... said...

I think you're missing the part about jdl having the maturity of about a 12 year-old. Serving in Congress is for "big boys" and clearly johnny-boy is acting like he belongs at the little kiddie table playing little kiddie games. I'm pretty sure the people here would be volunteering if our candidate wasn't such a huge wanker.

I hate God said...

God does not belong in our schools, our government or our courts. When you start that bullshit talk that seals the deal foe me. If Laesch is for putting "god" into the schools then I am CERTAINLY NOT voting for him.

Denny's Diet Plan said...

Taking vending machines out of schools is a "hard issue?"

dekalbprogessive said...

Look everyone here knows that this blog is being watched JDL is trying to get a solid platform out before the world. I have been misquoted here but martha alec was trying to say that John is a moral and decent man. John is trying to stay postive here in the final leg of the campagin. I am supporting him and working hard to unseat that crook. Look everyone here has two chices support John or vote for Denny we are predicating a 85 percent turn out and our internal polls have JDL polling at 46 percent. With numbers like that and the fact that we will raise an addtional 150K that will be targeted to helping get out the vote for the democratic slate. With everything starting to fall in place how can you say that we have no chance. Besides did Denny ever follow Ruben ie Denny is going down. We are passionate about change and we will not be denied.

You Must be Joking said...

85% turnout in a Non Presidential Year

Man, How's the Kool Aid Taste there :)

blabbermouth said...

Denny sought Ruben out at the fair when they ran against each other. They shook hands, as is customary when meeting. Of course Denny's interns and staff tailed Zamora and staked out his events. Duh.

It's almost cool that ya'll believe in JDL that much that you'd follow him to the ends of the earth. He's just not who you think he is. Feel free to cry on our shoulders when this is over, but don't blame us 'cuz we told you so. I hope reality won't hurt too much.

Anonymous said...

Who wants to place a side bet that 1/2 of his supporters won't even make it to the polls on Nov 7? I hear that paint chips are rather sweet tasting. That sure would explain a lot.

no school prayer said...

Laesch is a bible thumper as I suspected. A bible Thumper just like Jimmy Swaggart. Preach the bible while screwing a whore and throwing the dice.

So Laesch is Bringing Religion into the schools. That's one part of his master plan. It was leaked out in this blog and I called this scenario a year ago. Thank you very much for confirming my fears. John Laesch is a Repuke in a boyscout uniform. NO VOTE!

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is this guy running for congress he sounds like a cartoon charactor.

He's nuts said...

He is a cartoon character

I also seriously doubt his sanity

He cleary has delusions of grandeur mixed with some severe paranoid behavior

and getting past the psychological issues, he is extremely destructive to the process.

He has the reverse midas touch, everything touches turns to shit

so after JDL gets his 36-40% asskicking, I hope he returns to his gentlemens clubs in El Paso or Kappa, or whereever the hell he likies to go..

But I doubt it

And that is only to talk of him, his supporters have to be some of the most clueless, backwards ass individuals I have ever met....

They have a truly amazing Don Quoxite complex...

They Chase the windmill of beating Denny Hassert with a loser of canidate like JDL every day

Bridget said...

Prayer in schools??? Are you kidding me?

85% turnout??? Do you smoke crack??

And honey, it's JOHN Conyers.

How's that Koolaid tasting today? Cherry? Grape?

I love that John thinks that Hastert is following him. Priceless!!! I wonder if he envisions himself with a cape on and a lightening bolt across his chest too?

Anonymous said...

HAs frank craig come out of rehab yet?

Denny's Diet Plan said...

What happened to that "oppo research" the boy wonder is doing? Is he going to let us know that Hastert has an affinity for twinkies and has a slight weight problem? He did so well with his first bit of "intelligence gathering" I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for more.

Anonymous said...

Who ever said that about frank craig is a turd!!!!!

Political Insider said...

The boy wonder IS the intelligence king! He discovered that Hastert is into "ellevensies", and enjoys a good hot dog (had one myself, they're not bad).

So let me get this straight, Denny decides to go take a drive since he really doesn't need to campaign. He then decides to take a cruise past his opponents headquarters to see the throngs of people his opponent is always talking about. Seeing no throngs, he says "what the heck" and cruises over to the park for 7th meal. The opponent sees this and learns that "Denny was stalking our office". So JDL jumps into his Jeep and FOLLOWS Denny to the park. Then later he drives to Denny's house to "ask for a debate".

Who is stalking whom? Has Denny been to the JDL home?

Hey JDL Fans, the reason Hastert has the luxury of time to go after Nancy Pelosi is because the great intelligence officer JDL is no threat. With telling voters that they are voting for crooks (always helps to insult a potential voter), and having "confidently declared that I will win Lee County" you have to wonder if he and his minions are nuts, delusional, or are they really repuke plants sent to suck campaign funds and workers. I have a hard time beliving that ANYONE can be as dumb as he is.

This is all to neat and tidy to be for real. Lets look at the facts:
JDL is talking about eroding the 1st ammendment. (god in school crap)
JDL took in active roll in overthrowing the Kendall County Democratic party. He helped remove the family that built the party and put in a do-nothing exec board.
JDL tried to out a person who's sole mission in life is to attack the "worst speaker ever!"
JDL has never countered accusations made here or anywhere else.
JDL has lied about his military service and has still not released his discharg papers as promised.
JDL attacked Abe Lincoln with one of the weirdest statements about the abalition of slavery, in a public forum in the heart of the "Land of Lincoln"
The current head of the KCDCC was in my neighborhood, and actually came to my door to ask me to vote in the Republican Primay. THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR MADE UP! Mr Jim Birch shook my hand and asked me to vote for a Republican.
JDLs supporters are nuts.

Let's face it folks. We, the Democrats of Kendall County were naive. We allowed the Republicans to steal our party from us and put up one of their own to embarase the party and try to tear it appart.

Now watch as the JDL fans come in and attack me for saying this.

phoney john said...

Again I ask. Why is Laesch a Veteran? I thought the status "Veteran" was reserved for those individuals who were in a war. And by the way, Iread something somewhere that quoted Laesch in saying he was "temporarily" assigned to Iraq. I'm beginning to see the signs of back tracking here. This reminds me of those Vietnam Generals and Colonels who would fly over the front line in order to get the soldiers medal for being "in combat".