Sunday, August 20, 2006

Something New in Republican Circles.

Gosh. Honesty.

I know Hagel's been pissed off at Bush for our country's latest Viet Nam adventure, but I didn't really pick him to be so full of candor this close to the mid-term elections, in which Republicans face an increasingly hostile electorate.

Just the same, by bet is that this "McCain II" will sooner or later backtrack and talk about Conservative values and how much the country can trust the Republicans to make the United States better and stronger than ever.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pic! I missed the 4th of July parade.

Anonymous said...

Here are some really intresting facts.If this fall's congressional election were held today, would you vote for Democrat John Laesch or Republican Dennis Hastert?

Candidate Preference

A. Laesch 33%

B. Hastert 55%

C. Other 7%

D. None 5%.
These are numbers democrats have to respect. Here is a man who claims to be the franchise and yet he is not even breaking 40 percent with likely Democratic voters. These are his internal numbers. Thanks for the memories John.