Friday, June 30, 2006

No Taxation Without Representation!

Remember that little bit from history? That's correct! We declared our independence from Fat King George and fought our own Revolution in 1776 on that very principle.

What strikes me about all the news of the current King George's "signing statements" is that no one seems to have brought up the fact that he's essentially erasing the opinions of 538 elected lawmakers in Washington, officials whose very presence is the direct result of our Declaration of Independence.

Republicans cried for years to get Reagan and Bush I the line-item veto, so the Conservative Coronation could take place. When Clinton asked for it -- and got it from his "fellow Republicans" in 1996 -- it was almost immediately overturned by the Supreme Court, which effectively told Congress to bite the Court's Weenie.

Now, in addition to aiding and abetting this traitor of the Republic, Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert has ushered in the re-introduction of the line-item veto, which signs away the legislative responsibility of our House and Senate.

Now, on the eve of the 230th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, we should renew the battle cry.

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